EasyConnect Disturbances

Dear users,

Since Tuesday we have encountered some dysfunctions with our VPN/EasyConnect servers.
EasyConnect users are regularly disconnecting/reconnecting and our Interface servers are saturated.
However the service is normal between each reconnection and transfers are working properly.

We are working to fix it as fast as possible.

We are really sorry for the incovenience, thank you for your patience.

8 thoughts on “EasyConnect Disturbances

  1. I have found, that easy connected users (indicated blue) have very large delay times. This is new since a few weeks. Is this part of these “disturbances”?

  2. I have not been able to stay connected for more than a minute. This has been happening for weeks now. I can get connected, but within a minute, I am quickly disconnected. I use Direct Connect. I have a ticket pending (for days now) but have received NO REPLY. I really would like this to be fixed. Everything had been working for me with no problem, but suddenly…. I cannot stay connected.

  3. What are quota’s? No one seems to know anything about them. How much can you download before the quota button pops up?

  4. I have been on Direct Connect for more than a year and now all of a sudden I have been changed to Easy Connect and I am unable to change back to Direct Connect. I keep being knocked off all the time. What is Happening to Gigatribe? Is it being run by people who are just to clever for themselves. It is becoming so frustrating!!!

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