3.04.003 version released

Dear Users,

A new version has been released.
We have also modified our EasyConnect servers and they are now more stable.

We are trully sorry for the incovenience and we hope that you’ll see the improvements with this new version.

thank you for your patience.

3 thoughts on “3.04.003 version released

  1. still having trouble logging in with out it freezing up it will get to 16 to 22 contacts and freeze up and you click on anything and it says gigaa exe has stopped working

  2. It is not fixing the network, I still have users who show offline that are online using 3.04.003 and easyconnection, Also most of my easy connected contacts using 3.04.003 all I get when I look at their shared folders is “Updating Content” I’ve tried both easy and direct connection. both do not work right!

  3. Shared Files: It sitll does not sort files properly! Since version 3.01.007 !
    This is my 5.th note within nearly two years and you also ignored my ticket regarding that!

    Beside that there’s stil a bug in sorting files when different filetypes in there your lack of support and your ignorance is also very very annoying. Please fix that script finally it cant be that difficult do do it!

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