December 05 – Unscheduled maintenance

Dear user,

You may have experienced some issues with invitations ( send invitation and accepte invitation).
We are working now on our DataBase in order to prepare the suspension of all old versions and release the new version in the best conditions.
Tomorrow, all our services will be temporarilly suspended: Website and GigaTribe software will be unavailable.

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

3 thoughts on “December 05 – Unscheduled maintenance

  1. Once you get the bugs worked out of this version, please, please leave it alone for at least a year. Those techies you have messing around like this are losing members and destroying GigaTribe’s reputation. Find something else for your technical staff to play around with and stop messing around with something that hasn’t worked error free since version 2.5. If the darn thing ain’t broke don’t fix it anymore. These constant changes are driving folks away from the program.

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