Suspension of 3.01.006 & 3.01.007 versions

Dear Users

As you may know, a new version 3.04.00 is available since few month. Several builds has been released in order to propose the most stable and reliable version.
To fix the remaining issues, we have decided to suspend all old versions. This will be effective tomorrow.

We advise you to update your version right now for the 3.04.000 version (#5757).
Once you have downloaded it, Disconnect from GigaTribe and quit. Then, you just have to install the new version.

5 thoughts on “Suspension of 3.01.006 & 3.01.007 versions

  1. It’s a shame build 5757 doesn’t work correctly. I accept new contacts and they stay in the “Received Invitations” subfolder except when you put them in the “default” folder and then move them from there even though the drop down menu lists all your folders, you can ONLY move them to the “default” folder first

  2. I updated to this new version, about 2 hours ago. Once I logged on I have been trying to accept invites from people and I can only seem to get about 15% of the invites to work.
    Could this be caused by other people not yet updating to I have never had this problem with previous versions.
    I have already restarted my system a couple of times and it seems to have done nothing to help.
    Is there a way to tell if other people are using the newest version or still the older ones? Hopefully you can help me resolve these issues…thanks for your time.

  3. ive noticed in my contacts area.. some are in– blue– while the rest are in black …like b4 on the other version where all contacts were in black,,, this comment might seem trivial but id just thought id ask

  4. I found another problem. For the past year I was able to upload for days with no stalling problems. Now that I have 5757 I cannot even upload more than 15 files without my uploads stalling and the speed dropping to 0 KB/s.
    It’s been hours and I’m still at 0 KB/s, I don’t think I’m even able to connect to any of my contacts. Something has gone seriously awry with this latest update.

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