Update on freezing problem

We found that a local GigaTribe folder was involved in the freezing problem.
We’ haven’t identified what is causing the problem but here is the solution to fix it:

– Quit GigaTribe
– Delete the following folder :
Windows XP:
C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Shalsoft\GigaTribe
Windows Vista/7

– Run GigaTribe

We’ll let you know when we’ve found what has generated the issue.

Best Regards

GT Team

11 thoughts on “Update on freezing problem

  1. I tried this “fix” but it did not resolve the issue. I am not using an illegal version, my user ID is bobdonner2000. Where can I find the previous version so I can reinstall that?

  2. You could at least have warned your users that by deleting the Shalsoft folder, they will loose all their chat logs, their blogs, their shared folders and all their custom icons for their shared folders. I don’t think most users will be very happy with that. It’s a bit like saying: if you have a Windows problem, format your disk and install Windows again. It solves the problem of course, but at what cost?

  3. Are you guys going to fix direct connection? direct connection in version 3.01.007 can only connect with other direct connected users now no longer connects to easy connected users. It has been like this since your beta release.I have 4 contacts that also use direct connection and it is not working for them as well. I ran it with both firewalls (router and windows) disabled and get same results it will only connect to other direct connected users. I fill you are doing this to force people to pay for Ultimate and easy connection! That is unfair as I have a lifetime paid premium account. Not only that but easy connection is way slower now then direct connection it is why I prefer direct over easy.. I also noticed you have taken 2 servers off line and no longer name the severs in the USA is this why easy has gotten so slow?

  4. oh sorry forgot to also report version 3.04 beta only will connect for me to one conntact on my list of 18 users it is why I prefer 3.01.007.

  5. I am still having this problem, with my PC being froze up to the point where it cannot even be shut-down correctly. The above “fix” for Windows XP doesn’t even exist on my computer. The trail ends at “Application Data”.

  6. Only effect of deleting the folder is that you loose all chats and have to reinstall your shares.
    Gigatribe still freezes. Can’t nail it down but I think the prob is related to connecting/disconnecting users.

  7. I have deleted the folder you indicated and does not resolve the problem, also stop sharing items that were shared. There is another solution. I have windows xp

  8. It want works pls look faster i pay for Gigatribe and it dont runs… i delete folder 3 times and its frozen again come on !!

  9. this fix doesn’t work i would suggest you concentrate your attention to your data base as the problem occurred after your last upgrade and this issue doesn’t apply to all current user accounts, nor does it apply to newly created accounts as i have created a test account and it works fine. also the notes feature doesn’t retain data and previously entered notes are no longer visible and this information is stored in your database

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