Connexion issue [fixed]

Sat. September 22,

The server database is flooded.
Some users may receive an eror message when trying to connect.
We’re working on the problem.

Mon. September 24th,

Database server is still under maintenance.
We are working as fast as possible to fix this issue.

Monday, September 24 – 5:47:24 p.m.(GMT + 0:00)

Database is still under maintenance but it’s starting to accept connection again.

Tuesday, September 25 – 8:00 a.m.(GMT + 0:00)

Database has been modified. We are still watching it.
However, All connections issues should be fixed now.
All Ultimate users will get compensation for these last days issues.
100 GigaPoints will be given to all Ultimate users.
You can get a free one month Ultimate license in the GigaStore with your GigaPoints.

6 thoughts on “Connexion issue [fixed]

  1. Ah yes much better now Gigatribe 3.01.007 and 3.04.000 will not connect via easy connection or direct connection. Server tool will not load up most of site will not respond.. I hate to see what you call broke LOL sorry but this has become a joke… 2.52 ? why would you end your last ” Working Build” for 3 years of this? never mind you guys do not respond but hay the screen shots of my messages do grace my blog now so at least some others can see Gigatribe in action LOL
    “The old boat is going down as it has had its day
    and all that we know and love is passing away.
    It seems strange and sad how this has come about
    but the evidence is clear without a shadow of doubt.” — by George Krokos

  2. no connection is not fixed. for the last 3.5 weeks i have had low contact level; now, the program is freezing my computer and it is NOT a firewall/connection issue… please!!

  3. I’m still having many problems staying connected to giga, as are many others. I get connected rather easily but then once I start typing messages the program will just freeze on me.

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