Find Tribers who share your passion

You can easily find Tribers who share your passion thanks to the new Search Tribe page :
You just need to enter Keywords in the search area to retrieve a Tribes list.

If you’ve created your own tribe, we advise you to update the tribe’s description and  keywords to attract more tribers.



4 thoughts on “Find Tribers who share your passion

  1. Hi, just an idea I know people love flashy programs and all. And, as you added more features gigatribe degraded. I think in your build you should leave the extra features out sort of use the 2.52 build as a model. Get a build, a simple build no flash and once you have mastered the core of the program add the flash in stages. Keep what works drop what degrades the program. From looking at your builds that have been rejected and removed from Beta testing I see you’re trying to take on too much at once. Microsoft did that with vista, with windows seven they did just what I said they drop all the flash and first beta was just a very basic build, making sure the core of the program was stable, then in stages they added flash ran beta testing and drop what degraded the program until they got a very good build. Also, I do understand the server upgrades are part of your issue same idea for the servers too. I do like your Ideas, but I do think you are taking on too much at once.

  2. easy vpn servers are a failure! since you went to them I can not browse most my contacts folders all I get is (Updating content) then at times ill see several users show as off line yet I can see they are online on there profile page. This program is becoming so unstable its not funny!

      • Not true still have contacts showing as offline that are online. 2 that also use easy connection!! 3years now you keep telling use the issue is fixed yet it is not. You were to fix that bug 3years ago. Also were to fix the security issue of user log in passwords getting sent over the servers in plain text making it possible for someone to be able to decrypt transfers. you also said the bug of giga crashing when removing contacts would be fixed yet it is not.. Then it was first the servers need upgraded well a year latter there still getting upgraded?? Look you need to let your friends go and get coders that can fix the issues your team just is not able to do it and your c-net ratting for current build has drooped to a 1.5 that is real bad. only reason the c-net editor rating has a 5 star ratting is he has not reviewed giga in 3 years since these issues have happened after all he lists the current version as 3.001.006 a build over 3 years old. I am not trying to be harsh I love giga but I am sick of paying for giga when the issues never stop. Your upgrades have only led to a unstable network, slower speeds, invisible contacts ect.. for 3 years now.. what more do you need to see before you re-staff. Thanks

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