Personnal option to avoid redirection to the test servers

Dear GigaTribe users, since the test servers are generating frustration, we’ve add a button on your info page ( to avoid being redirected to the test servers.

The button won’t appear for Ultimate users since they are not redirected to the test servers.

This button will disappear when we release a version where you can select your connection mode (Direct/EasyConnect/Automatic).

Best Regards

19 thoughts on “Personnal option to avoid redirection to the test servers

  1. I push the butto “no test server”. Now i can*t never connected to gigatribe. there is a bug. how can i connected now?

  2. After I opted out I tried logging in but I have been getting this error “you can not be contacted via internet” status since then. I’ve double checked my firewalls and everything else is a go. But i just cant seem to connect at all.

    Whats going on?

  3. I just enabled this option on my account, and now whenever I try to connect to gigatibe on the start up screen I get a message “You cannot be contacted via the Internet”. I know the option to opt out caused this, as it happened immediately after I clicked it, and I have restarted my router, pc, gigatribe etc.

    Is there a way to change back to using the test servers?

    • We have modified the personal page to allow users to opt out from the test servers but there is automatic way to cancel this choice.
      You can send us an email ( with your username and we’ll manually remove you from the opt out list.

      • I have the direct connection no chance to have a connection after i push the button “no test server” and i have no credit card to pay and my paypal account was not accept. ok the i use skype

  4. Well i am an ultimate user and dont have that option.I can only see not even half of my contacts and most of them are online.Can you tell me why.

    • Dear June, please contact customer support for the problem with your contacts.
      As an Ultimate users the button to opt out from test servers is not available since you’re not redirected to those servers.

  5. I still cannpt stop giga from playing up . it keeps on closing down and sometimes I have 12 people and then 68 . For goodness sake please fix it. People are deleting me .

    • Dear Cheyanne,
      You can opt out from the test servers to avoid such issue.
      We’re still making tests on the servers.

      Free test servers are not as reliable as the Ultimate servers yet.

  6. Cannot log in yet again, “server did not respond” .. Ultimate User tried both direct and easy connection for the last 3 hours!! Why so many issues? Why two years of this? BRING BACK 2.5 and undo all your bad scripting on the servers sick of paying for software that is full of bugs and only works 75% of the time!!!

    • William,

      We’re working hard to improve the connection. Test servers have already helped us identified and fixed some serious bugs.
      We’ll not bring back version 2.5 but next version will be based on version 3.1
      There will be tremendous improvements before 6 months.

    • Test servers are starting to work pretty well. There is no more disconnection when browsing folders with large content.
      The direct connection has been improved as well.
      We’re currently working hard to make sure every connected user will not appear disconnected to some of his/her contact.

      We’ll keep you posted when we’ve reached a significant milestone.

  7. why is it that 10 seconds after logging on it disconects – it is not my computer as my yahoo messenger is not affected when i’m chatting – it would appare that you have lots of problens with your test servers – are these people really required on your system ?? as you dont seem to be able to correct all these server problems i will not be purchasing your full version unless this situation is corrected very Quickley

    • Dear Martin,

      We’ll release a new version on the US test server this week.
      We’ll post a new comment when the servers are available.
      We’ll be happy to have your feedback then.


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