Tribes deletion of 3.2 versions


We have removed all the (old) tribes that had been created with versions 3.2.
Contacts problems that could not be deleted or moved should therefore be resolved. If these problems persist, contact us at and specify your username and nickname of the contact which is problematic.
The removal of old tribes does not affect any of the tribes created via the official site.

13 thoughts on “Tribes deletion of 3.2 versions

  1. Your severs are getting real SLOW!!!! each day now it is taking longer and longer to log in to giga, it takes a long time to view a users profile. What ever upgrade you made is degrading the network. Please let us know if you have a plan to fix this.. Thanks

    • We’ve been working on the EasyConnect servers for months and we’re now testing those new servers.
      We’ll make an anouncement this week to give more details.


      • I use direct connection and it takes a long time lately to look at user profiles, send invites, and log in and out of giga is that do to the easy servers?

      • There must be a server that Gigatribe connects to even direct connected to view profiles,, send invites, edit profile messages, log in, and change profile avatars. I have same issues anymore try to update my profile message it takes forever or sometimes it just sits there like its updating but fails I try to view another persons profile it can take up to 5 mins now to view. Sens a invite at time it get stuck and I have to kill Giga and log back in. also get a lot of (Server not found) when trying to log in to Giga. I have two computers running Gigatribe and its the same on both computers. Gigatribes Servers are falling apart and it don’t seem Gigatribe has the money or wants to fix them! The fast days of TribalWeb are gone an it is sad…

  2. when uploading at 1mb/s or more, my GT slows down and gets rly laggy (for the past months) not before that. got 100mbit fiber intel i7 processor 8gb ram.

    in most browsers u can click the 4th and 5th button on the mouse to get u forward or backward in a folder. i would love this for gigatribe.

  3. Testing Beta giga, Using direct connection port 3728 port forwarded on router and firewall rule in place: Results out of 16 online contacts only 1 contact would connect.Using Easy connection firewall rule in place out of 16 online contacts only 12 connected. Removing contacts with the beta build still results in giga crashing. Upload speed unchecked still limit upload to 2.0Kb/sec must enter a upload speed for more upload speed.I also notice delays longing in and updating my profile or trying to change avatar. A lot of “Server did not respond errors” even when testing with my router and software firewall disabled. Pinging giga servers shows poor response times. Going back to giga 3.01.007 Beta no ready for use.

  4. P.S. I downloaded Gigatribe beta from last posted link It says Gigatibe 3.02.002 but when downloading from the link I get Gigatribe 3.02.000 is this just a error in the naming of the build or perhaps a bad link to a older build?

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