Users ‘deleted’

Some users have been erased from the database.
We haven’t found what is responsible for the problem. We’re currently investigating.
Anyhow, we have daily backup, no information has been lost, we’ll restore the missing users very soon.
In the meantime, if your username has disappeared, please do NOT create a new user with the same name. it will slow the restoration process.
We’ll keep you posted on the blog.

Thanks for your patience.

GigaTribe Team

10 thoughts on “Users ‘deleted’

  1. hey what happens GigaTribe is no longer reliable?
    That alone was missing, that besides a bad program. (GigaTribe now also kidnap the servers and leave us without service

  2. The problem comes from the database server which has rebooted for a reason still unknown.
    The database has been damaged in the process.
    We’re currently working on the restauration of the deleted users.
    We’ll post a new comment when the operation is completed.


    ## Update

    Everything is back to normal for the 8,380 users which had been deleted.
    We still need to rename 460 users which had created a new user with the same username as the one deleted.

    • I am sorry but I was one that recreated my username with the same one! Is there something I can do on my end to delete it?

  3. ok, I lost some contacts, but when I re-invited them, they appeared again. So that’s OK. But no one seems to be online now, even my contacts who are always on. Maybe that problem will be solved soon too?

  4. Hi Gigatribe Team,
    I also worked in the IT field, I know that not every problem there is a definite solution. I ever see the server restarts suddenly, without explanation, without logs, the problem still not resolved after changing battere CMOS, replace the Hard drive, replace the Ram, and finally settled after changing the power supply. Something that does not make sense, because the server is able to on service for days, before auto restart.

    Good job for the fast restoration. Hopefully the users can understand these events.

    Thank you.

    Best Regards

  5. my comment seems gotten deleted, once again! but i’ll repeat it every time my post will be gone:

    this was the third in 4 month period! Please try making more the tight security, the protocols, and be prepared better for something like that so users don’t have to wait 24-36 hours getting repaired. More caution and a better security can avoid accidents like this was. Hope my comment was for good, and don’t take it as complain!

    Peace out

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