Disturbances with EasyConnect

Hi everyone,

We would like to inform you that some disturbances are expected until the end of the week if you connect through the service EasyConnect. We are going to do optimization tests which will allow us to deploy EasyConnect new servers.

We are sorry for this inconvenience.

5 thoughts on “Disturbances with EasyConnect

  1. This Morning Giga went down and when i restarted it, it says, that my Usename is not known or does not exist. Also on the Website i can’t log in with my Username i use already for 2 Years.
    I’m a Ultimate User and i payed for your Service!
    Can you PLEASE!!! fix this ASAP!!!
    Greets from Silvia

  2. Ultimate license is associate to a username, not to your GigaTribe version. Therefore, you can use any (future) version with your Ultimate account This is BS because I bought the Ultimate verison and everytime I upgrade my PC I have to fight back and forth sending emails just to have the same thing happen again so once again PLEASE HELP !!!!

  3. I Bought the Ultimate account…and soon after I have not had any luck getting on and staying on..I have downloaded both versions..still I get HUNG APP…thanks..k

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