Beta version 3.03.002

Dear Tribers

The latest Beta version 3.03.002 is available for download:

This version includes the following changes:
– Correction of speed limit for upload
– Correction of adding categories
– Improved connection speed to the tunnel
– Improved performance of send / receive files
– This version was compiled with version 4.8.0 of Qt, which includes many corrections
Feel free to send us your feedback here or

The entire GigaTribe Team wish you a Happy New Year 2012.

25 thoughts on “Beta version 3.03.002

  1. i’ve tried everything, but i cannot connect! This the message i get all the time:

    “server did not respond”

    i was looking foward to see what its like the new version, but sadly i can’t connect……..


  2. Looks just about the same as before, with a small difference, it has gotten worse:

    1. None of my contacts is showing as online, although their profile says “Online now” (!!!)
    2. The button to go up one step in the folder structure when you browse files has disappeared.
    3. It is still not possible to set password on second level folders.
    4. The preview thumbnails are still too small.

    I´m sorry to be such a whining bitch but it´s very disappointing to see all this, I had higher expectations. How am I supposed to share with anyone if everybody is showing as offline?
    You will lose alot of users if you go on like this, I´m sure.

  3. why noone trying answering to my feedback? Faras i know this blog was made for the costumer-developers communication.

    i’ve -reinstalled 3 times the new version, still have not luck connecting with it!

  4. hi i can connect but i can see allways 2 or 3 user on line and sometimes I do not see any of my users connected but if I uninstall the beta version and put the version 3.01.007 then appear till 13 or more of my users, what happend repair some things and spoil other, so they will never have a stable version. would not be better to go back to version 2.52, which at the time and till this day most GigaTribe users found that it was the best…

  5. Well I can connect with this version that’s a plus however it
    still looks crap and is sluggish particular over a remote connection,

    Second, the sorting issue still hasn’t been fixed.

    Third: Program needs a database system for files so it doesn’t have to scan everyone upon opening. Seriously, do like e-mule and the like do, load up straight away using a database, then scan for changes now that the program is up. I close and re-open the program often (turning off fileserver or the software just ups and dies and has to be restarted)

    Forth: Program still likes to sit over the windows taskbar.

  6. Still invisible contacts, plus easy connection keeps drooping. Can I ask why you would go and mess around with easy connection? Not that it should not be upgraded but 2 years now since you have had a stable software build. You need to focus on getting a build that works and not making more problems to solve. Your network is become so unstable I will not renew my license at this time! What a shame you offer a limited time lifetime license when you have no new stable build and a network that is so unstable. Please let us know if you fix easy connection and the invisibility issue until then I will be waiting to renew my subscription to Gigatribe 😦

    • Hi I am GigaTribe new response person since the last one don’t care to reply. We here at Gigatribe are too busy making Gigatribe and Easy connection Unstable to care about customer service. So you can take your issues and cram them! But thanks for your 3 paid account that no longer work worth a crap!!!

    • @DocLove

      We are still testing our new EasyConnect protocol. However, people can connect normally without perturbations.
      Most of the time, invisibility issues are caused by a software on user’s computer that block outcoming calls.
      As soon as we will deploy our new EZ, you will be inform.

      Beta issues and EZ are two differents matters. The future release has been made to be compatible with the New EZ protocol.

      • Now seriousely, WTF? What exactly do you mean connect normally without perturbations. I connect through Easy Connect since there is no other way to do it. IT DOES NOT WORK. I, together with several other users have requested you SEVERAL times to assist us in resolving the issues, and we don’t ever get a satisfying response.
        Additionally, users that until recently never had any issues with their systems blocking outcoming calls as you called it all of a sudden experience these issues and are only seen as being invisible. To state that these problems are due to their systems blocking them is totally incorrect. I suggest you give URGENT attention to these problems.

  7. It keeps crashing on me. I think it crashes when someone tries to send me a message, or tries to access my files. I’m going back to the older version.

  8. Everytime I quit GT it brings up “unexpected quit” crash report screen.

    Also, I have tried a couple times to post to my Blog. It shows fine, but when I restart it is no longer there.

  9. My contacts were all working and showing online prior to this upgrade. Last time I upgraded, they disappeared as well. I ended up going into the registry and removing all traces of Gigatribe, reinstalling and then the contacts worked again. Your programming staff needs to focus on whatever it is that your program is placing in the registry that is making contacts show offline.

    This is NOT a matter of other software running on machines, as claimed. This is something that happens during the upgrade path, which is breaking the contacts visibility. All other software on my system, as well as firewall has been tested extensively to eliminate them as the cause.

    You need a program that does an optimal sweep of any gigatribe key entered into the registry, identify and eliminate the problem. I hope this puts you on the right trail.

    You have a good product, but if it doesn’t function as intended, then it’s useless, Again, I hope this helps and I wish the team best of luck in moving forward, and getting this straightened out for all of us.

  10. The more I talk with members who’ve tried even this most recent beta version, the more I’m sure there’s something basically wrong. Is it going to be fixed?

  11. i was giving gigatribe allot of chances….. but every new release gives me more and more problems.

    I have updated gigatribe on all my internal systems to the newest version. Now it seems my computers in my own network don’t see eachother using gigatribe. When i go back to the previous version with one of them they do see eachother.

    Firewalls are checked so no problems there.
    Router is checked so no problem there.
    Software is checked and nothing that is blocking anything like outgoing or incomming calls.

    So why doesn’t it work like it supposed to work and did work before?

  12. One more thing: Seems also when i use 3.01.007 download speeds internally are way higher (3x as fast) compared when using newer versions.

    For example: pc 1 uses gt 3.01.007 and pc 2 uses gt 3.03.002

    when i download something from pc 1 i get speeds of 2.4 – 2.6 MB/s. When i download from pc 2 i get speeds ranging from 6xx to 8xx kb/s….. and yes…. when i swap the versions the same happens…. pc 1 then has speeds of 6xx to 8xx kb/s and pc 2 get’s 2.4 – 2.6 MB/s.

    Maybe it is about time to look for better alternatives. I have loved Tribalweb and it worked like a charm…. heck…. i even bought a premium license back then because i saw potential in the app… but it seems after it became gigatribe you guys like to break things instead of making them better.

  13. why did you delete my comments? all i did was saying what most people think and asking for help/sollutions with severe issues concerning gigatribe.

    1) speed issues: version 3.03.002 is slower uploading files than 3.01.007 (about 3x slower)

    2) compatible issues: On a homenetwork version 3.03.002 gives problems connecting with pc’s using same version (not blocking incomming/outgoing calls, not blocked by firewall, not by apps, not by router, not by port)

    deleting comments from users who are on this when it still was called tribalweb for allot of years isn’t a good thing. i say it again: maybe it is about time to look for a good alternative. i did bought tribalweb some years ago because the app did what they promised us…. but the latest releases were…. very very very poor.

  14. oh God. thanks i read this before downloading this update. i better still with version 3.01.007. i dont have problems with it. works perfect.

  15. It keeps shutting down on me and very slow to download I have bought the lifetime membership but that did not help. Can we go back to the older version? Diane

  16. I have invisable contacts, contacts who giga deletes and then I reinvite and then freinds my number jumps to more 2 or 3 more than than I had before. Is it readding the other ones it has been deleting? Can’t get any friend recommendation requests, would only know they asked for a reccomendation is because other reccommend them! People say I have been ghost writing. I wouldn’t know because I can’t see if anyone is writing the bar is gone on the bottom to see who is writing. Half the time I have connected contacts but they show offline. Please bring back version 2.52 with a few little updates to it. I or somone from my group of contacts would be happy to work with you to tell you what my group wants! I think most liked that version. The only thing I seem to notice good is that my download and upload speeds are ten times faster. Not sure if that is from giga or my contacts or my i provider. I forgot to mention that my computer was froze half the day yesterday and I know it was because of giga. Never happens when giga is disconnected! Fix the problems!!!

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