1. Is this lifetime membership like the last time you sold them, (Premium Gigatribe) but when you added Ultimate Gigatribe it did not cover the upgrade and Gigatribe greedily wanted more money for the Lifetime Premium memberships to cover the upgrades?

  2. @Trevor

    The first offer we proposed was the Premium license that provides access to all GigaTribe features and software updates.
    Then we created a new service option EasyConnect, which allows everyone to connect through a server’s network.
    This service entails recurrent costs (maintenance, traffic, accommodation) so it has always been separated from the Premium license.
    The Ultimate Life-licensed we offer includes access to all Ultimate services and all software updates.
    Premium Life users have special price for life EZ: $ 49

    • One last thing I forgot to ask (even though premium was to cover all future upgrades and to me Ultimate was a upgrade I guess buyer be ware) Anyway more to the point you are changing easy connection to a vpn + easy so will this new lifetime license cover the new easy + vpn (with unlimited data per month) or will the new easy connection be a option that’s not covered ? and will we find or out down the road new options that are not covered with the lifetime membership like last time?

  3. i had a question but its seems my first and last comment has been deleted! Stop messing around! WITH ME i’m tired fo being left out! ANSWER MY dammn QUESTIONS AS WELL!!

    i asked clearly: i had premiuim lisence before you guys changed into a ultimate lisence! But i want to know if i get any discount if i some reason decide to buy the lifetime lisence?

    Please stop ignore me, its getting annoying, and i belive i have every right my questions has been answered as well!


    • Patrick,

      Because this is a private question, an answer has been sent this morning by email.
      4 years ago, and because you could’nt configure your connection in direct mode, your Premium license has been turned into a Ultimate license (Same price at this time). This transformation has been made because you have asked us to do it.

      For any question, please write us at contact@gigatribe.com.

  4. So to clarify…this lifetime offer INCLUDES the EasyConnect server service? It would be the same as the ULTIMATE service for a lifetime?

    And if one has a current Ultimate License, what would be the fee for the Ultimate lifetime service?

    • @C.Dusse

      Yes, this is a Ultimate life offer. same as the usual Ultimate license.
      You have access to all GigaTribe features + the EZ service

      There is no discount for running license, this is a limited offer.

  5. Its the unlimited lifetime offer, gauranteed to last for the lifetime of a fruit fly. (We didn’t tell you that part, because a fruit fly only lasts 24 hours from birth…) so just pay $99 today and by tomorrow you can pay it … AGAIN! hahahaha yeah, we’re rich!

  6. I was wondering why those of us who bought the life time membership didn’t get bumped up to the ultimate? I feel we should have been upgraded since we paid for the life time premium service.

  7. I still have lifetime membership to several video clubs that no longer exist. Hehe..lifetime means the lifetime of the club or the current offer which can cease to exist at any time.

  8. The computer that I was connecting to Giga completely died, I have tried and tried to reconnect to Giga on another computer but get error message that I cannot connect to the internet, Is the “license” good on only one computer? Computers do have a rather short life. Appreciate any help.

    • Hi maybe your problem is open ports for the new PC
      your old pc had ip assigned by modem or router, the new PC receives a new IP
      need to open the 3728 port on the modem or router to the ip of the new PC

      pd. I have a premium license and I can always connect from multiple computers even when in another city to my account GigaTribe

  9. I have 2 accounts because I go on holiday and take my laptop, one is premium (direct) and this one is ultimate (easy connect) what will I need to do now, will it work with just the one account and how much will it cost me as a premium user?

  10. could you just bring back 252 version please—-I simply hate everything about the current one
    I have never had a connection problem but after all these years none of my friends will use it to exchange pictures now—they hate it too I long for the happy times with Tribal:-)

  11. Why would i want to be interested to buy a lifetime membership if you could not even sort out a basic problem on my system that keeps on loosing connection…

    I am told to send a mail, including logs to you, which are not even answered or addressed.
    I even addressed this on facebook without any luck.

    It might just not be worth it to spend money on something that’s more of a frustration than a useful tool

  12. Why do I loose my contacts, even they haven’t deleted me. When I look at my profile, it says that I have 314 contacts, but when I look at my group, I only have 261. I lost all these contacts in about a ½ an hour???

  13. Ik kan momenteel niet op tribal komen hij sluit hem aldoor af gek word ik er van .
    can not currently get it on tribal close it all the time off I go crazy for.

  14. could you please tell me why mine is the only that says this
    Your comment is awaiting moderation
    all the othershave been answered right still waiting
    Thank you

  15. Why dont you make this software full free or open source. Is good software. If you put adsense inside software you will get more money.

    Like Jdownloader

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