Dear Tribers

The test version 3.3 is not yet robust enough to replace the 3.1.7
We continue to improve it with your comments. We will release a new test version in January.
For 2012, we also expect an overhaul of the EasyConnect to transform it into real VPN that will make exchanges completely anonymous. We will take the opportunity to change the EasyConnect limitations: instead of cutting access after a certain number of days, the service will be available free for a certain volume of data downloaded each month.
All GigaTribe Team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Happy Sharing!

3 thoughts on “2012

  1. Hi Michael.
    I made early this year a Dutch language file.
    In the beta version is a Dutch\Belgium language file what is not working well.
    What happens to the Dutch language file that i sent you?
    Are you not happy about it or will it not work in the new Giga Tribe?

    I wish you and the GigaTribe team a Happy New Year.

  2. Did you’ve an exact release date of Gigatribe 3.3?

    I suppose this version will also exist for Mac and become fully compatible with all OS editions, including OS X 10.7 “Lion”.

    Can you add a full multilingual support for the most spoken languages (including Greek and Turkish) ? I live in Greece and really wanted to see Gigatribe having native support for Greek.

    Not sure if Linux, UNIX and Ubuntu versions are also in the works.

  3. Lately my connection has been going all crazy. It works for hours and hours but suddenly it says in the lower left hand corner “Connection lost, retry attempted (or something)”

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