Beta version 3.03.001

The new Beta version 3.03.001 is available for download here:

The problem of corruption files after downloading has been fixed.

We remind you that this version is a beta version (test version). All your feedbacks are very welcome either on the blog, or at .

16 thoughts on “Beta version 3.03.001

      • that would be the best that could make the team of GigaTribe but unfortunately it appears that: GigaTribe is at sold to a social networks.

  1. hello,
    one problem with this version is that when giga disconnects it does not reconnect and it stays disconnected. and just to let you know i still get disconnected every few minutes 😉

  2. hi…where is the Open Incoming Files Folder TAB or Bottom?????????????????????????? and also the speed becomes too low as soon as the downloads starts?why ?is there any Filters>?or monitoring on what is transfring on the server?

  3. I think you should fix so chat dont pop up as an extra window… and dont add more useless stuff in the software like facebook and all that … and make an option that noone can search user up on the network.. because im using this software to share stuff with other family members only feels this software is getting slower on startup and sometimes the cpu cant handle the gigatribe and it freezes…..And why are you releasing beta versions after beta version .. i dont think a stable version will be coming out before christmas because only 10 days left

    • hurray until I hear someone saying the truth about GigaTribe 3

      is so heavy
      the windows of chat are malfunction, if I write the group “family” where there 4 users. the writing is going to all user window and the family window too.
      but I have to go to the window all users and then to the window family to see that is sent and reaches, this to refresh the family window to continue chatting.
      do that every time you write and they (some one from your family group) write you is way too annoying

  4. AGREE! FACEBOOK INTEGRATION? Thats stupid, useless, and no needed! There’s lot of things should be taken care of first.

    Developer guys of the gigatribe: first fix all the issues, make it to modern, fast, but simple looking, more easier, clearly navigation. Give more space costumize for the person his own needs and if you arrived there, can, no, should ask your clients if they need thoose useless stuffs as facebook and other social network stuffs.

  5. I do not know what they have been repaired
    GigaTribe 3.03.001 still fails to connect, still fails to show users that I know any other way are connected, and GigaTribe does not show connected, I tried removing the entire firewall and antivirus that does not correct the problem, the problem persisted since giga tribe

  6. Your new beta no longer work with my proxy server (Tor + Proxifire). Your last beta 3.03 did so not sure what changed in the beta builds but it would be nice if gigatribe became more proxy friendly.

  7. 3.03.001. Just installed it about an hour ago and can’t wait to go back. When navigatiing the program (Search contacts, My transfers, Options etc) the time to switch between any of these is over 30 seconds. Quad 4 processor with tons of RAM and WinXP. The previious version was laggy, but this is a step backwards. Probably related, but the System tray icon triples and outgoing speed transfers. I also notice that this beta version is using less than half of the resources that it used to. This might be good for some lesser PC’s, but when it used a lot of resources it ran better. For me anyway.

  8. michael going to repair problems with the chat, for the official version of GigaTribe 3.3
    in this version if there will be multi chat may select the users you want to send the message

    if your new version. will not provide multi chat and promised stability, might consider returning the version 2.52

  9. Browsing folders: Where’s the “parent folder” button?

    I can not see my own profile with statistics (last connection, used version etc) same as can see the contacts profile.

  10. Please explain why you keep defending your interface. I cannot be the only person that has huge problems with it. When I minimise the window and then restore it I get a little part of the left of the titlebar (basically just the logo and about an inch of titlebar). I have to go down to the taskbar button and manually select restore or maximise or whatever.

    Why is this most basic of functionality (which *EVERY* other windows app I have *EVER* used has managed to do with no problem) broken in your program?

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