Beta Version 3.03

Dear Tribers,

Here is the link to download the Beta1 version 3.03.
This version replaces the beta version 3.02.

The changes are:

  1. There is no longer crash when deleting a user.
  2. The discussion now appears in an independent window.
  3. In  connection options you can choose if you want to connect directly / exclusively EasyConnect /   Automatically  (Direct  then attempt EasyConnect).
  4.  Navigation in the form of tabs has disappeared.
  5.   Tribes created with versions 3.02 have disappeared, now you must use the tribes available from the website to create  user groups:
  6. When you ban a user, you can choose to report him/her for sharing of illegal content (child pornography). We will review the user profiles whose nickname was reported several times to determine compliance with the terms of use of the software.

Moreover we know that there are still display problems on which we work. This is a beta version; it will not become an official version.

We thank those who will try to trace the encountered problems by writing to about 3.3 or responding to this post.

Giga Team


Friday December 9th

It seems that the addition of a new protocol that we wanted to test (to improve download speeds) has compromized integrity of downloaded files.
To avoid spreading corrupted files, we decided to suspend temporarily testing of this Beta version. We will release a new Beta version in the beginning of   next week.

We thank all beta testers whose feedback helped us to do quick improvements.

31 thoughts on “Beta Version 3.03

  1. I have a question related to privacy when using GigaTribe. You say that you will review user profiles when they are reported for illegal content. Does this mean that Giga will check what files are shared? GigaTribe is supposed to create a direct link between the pc of a user and the pc’s of his/her contacts. So it should be impossible to check on the transmission of the data. Does this mean that Giga will access a user’s pc and check what files are shared? Is there a legally binding clause in your user agreement that stipulates that Giga will never access a user’s pc and that data obtained in such a way may never be used as evidence? If you can not guarantee the absolute privacy of the data residing on a users pc, then I think GigaTribe has a big problem.

    • This is an important question:

      -GigaTribe has absolutly no access to your shared files.
      -This option has been added in order to fight against child porn.
      The only data we are collecting is the username which has been reported. If there is a certain number of reports (regarding that specific matter) we will examine her/his profile and eventually transfer this case to the authorities.

      • so… If I am an Ultimate user I can have my regular account on my PC and I can have a free account on the MAC? (I understand that Ultimate users can have the Ultimate AND one free account for another computer).
        Thanks, Michael!

      • A Ultimate license is associate to only one account.

        You can create as much account as you want. So you can use your Ultimate account with your Mac or with your PC and use a free account with the other computer.

  2. Could you please return the feature that allowed us to see all our contacts blogs at once. Also the profiles and news load very slowly. And we should be able to see our own profile.

  3. Hello,
    Good morning
    I still have the problem and Gigatribe disconnects after a few minutes and when it is connected it says connecting to easy connect but i am connected and downloading files!!! and after a few minutes it disconnects.
    but in this version when it disconnects after reconnecting gigatribe crashes!!

    another problem is that we have to choose direct connection or easy connect and automatic selection does not work .

    Thank you very much for your attention 😉

    • The New EZ protocol is not fully implemented yet in the Beta version.
      However, if you are using a Hot spot we can not guarantee that it will be 100% functionnal. Hot spot are very often restricted and not customisable.

      • Hello,
        You are right about that . but I didnt have any problems on 2.52 so maybe there is some hope for me too .
        thanks for your answer 😉

  4. hello, because if I write to a specific group the conversation appears in the window group, all users and in the windows to the users in the group are specified. means that everyone can see the chat???
    this is very annoying
    even if others do not get in realy the chat
    please pay attention to what the chat

    • Every user group is specific to an account. If you write to on of your group, they don’t necessarily have the same user in their group.
      Therefore, your message will be sent in their public discussion window. Only them will receive this message.

      • ok I understand. but if I send a message to a particular group, such as “friends.” why the message appears in the chat windows “Users” and the chat windows to the “username” that within the group are friends as well as appearing on all users
        perhaps the message sent to group friends. can see all my users to all users

  5. and tell me if there will be multi chat in version 3.3 final
    thanks Michael
    if the giga 3.3 don not have multi chat might consider relocating the version 2.52 : )

  6. Michael!

    can i ask if in the full version the main smiley’s can be removed? And also i’d like ask if that possibile bringing back the option we can see if the chat partner writing the message?

  7. err…. i meant: the notification of the chat that tells you when your chattting parter is writing!

    one thing i left out! can we have the “large view” in real large size?

    Thank, and hoping for an answer!


  8. I have emailed about the thumbprint size being too small and was told that it was being worked on in the next update. I don’t see where this has been changed. Can you please tell me when this will be taking effect.

  9. throttling bandwidth / uploads seems to be broken? dropped my upload to 5 KB and some one took 3 files with average speed of 300 KB/s (all over 5 MB )

  10. far as i see by the peoples review the basic problems still not fixed….. after 19 months the last full version relase still tons of bugs, and no improvments ( thumbview size still unacceptablely small, giga crushing every time you got deleted by someone or you try remove a person, the folders not organized in alphabetical order when you step out form a subfolder, brandwith issues, connection issues and the list not even near to its end ) and i have serious doubts there will be any good news for us, for me in the next few months……. I’m not negative, just realistic. I do base my guess on the last 2 year happens….hopefully i’m wrong this time. i would to see finally a freely costumizeable, stable, fast and great version. Hope this will come sooner or later.

    Happy x-mas for all of you.Patrick

  11. Beta 3.03 is not it fixed, it persisted for users who I know they are connected, and they were appeared with off-line status.
    The chat windows: if I write for a one specific group the chat appear in all user windows chat. If I write for all user the chat appear in a specific groups (example groups friends, family etc) they receive the chat in his windows and the windows all users) that is very annoying

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