The end of 2.52 version

We are going to block versions 2.52 on Wednesday.
We realize that some of you liked this version as it was very easy to use and also it proposed the multi-user discussion that is not yet available in version 3.
However this version was limited:
• It was only available for PC,
• the recently shared files did not display in different colors,
• A user could not belong to a different category at the same time.
Moreover, the file transfer protocol of version 2 was different from the version 3. For each evolution we had to maintain compatibility with the old protocol. Having version 2 and version 3 on the same network also has created some problems in the chat windows (public messages appeared in the private tab).
On Wednesday, September 21, users of version 2 will have to uninstall version2 and then reinstall the latest version of the current software. The version is available at:
We would like to mention that this modification does not affect on Premium or Ultimate users.

GigaTribe Team

44 thoughts on “The end of 2.52 version

  1. have forgotten my password – think it was tootsie but not sure. I have 2.52 Ultimate – do I need to update? thank you

  2. Well, crap! this was the only version I didn’t have a problem with. If I have problems with 3.01 there will be no renewel next year since I go NO help when I started here

  3. But I have a very big problem with ver 3 . i will get disconnected every few minutes!! at first it connects and it will start downloading from my friends but in the lower left part of the applications it says connecting to easy connect ! and after a few seconds the program will disconnect . but i didnt have any problems with ver 2.52 . please at least help me

  4. If you block 2.52 I THINK i WILL JUST BECOME A FREE MEMBER and stop paying for ultimate. It’s the most user friendly version of them all. If you include all of its features of 2.52 in the latest version I don’t mind what version you call it!

  5. I have stayed with 2.52 because the newer ones only work for a few minutes & then kick me off. So I tried again just now and thought, yeah it’s going to work… 3 minutes later and I got knocked. I paid for ultimate, but looks like I can’t use the services you provide, because …. well, it isn’t working for me 😦 This is like the 10th time I’ve tried new versions too.

  6. VERY FRUSTRATING. Guess i’ll go back to 2.52 and enjoy it for the next day and then say goodbye 😦

  7. Have you not thought to mass email all users of this change? I do not visit your home page on a regular basis and found out luckily from others. Such a fundamental change and termination of a service (2.52) which many have subscribed to appears very dictatorial. Why not split the network to facilitate those who prefer to use 2.52 and its glorious features that are not available in v3 can continue to do so – they would only connect with other v2.52 users, but at least they would have a choice!!!

  8. Hi!!

    To GigaTeam.

    Guess that youve done the thing,but
    you will have to correct a lot in the
    3.3 one.

    The latest one you have right now, its all bad, as for say its still the normal 3 version.

    To the 3.3, must include all new changes.
    Youll have to get back to the previous interface 2.52; the extra features of the 3 versions can be included within the interface in additional pages without bothering the function of the interface.

    Normal 3 versions are all messy,
    -No clear distinction of types of messaging.
    -No clear review of messaging history.
    -This one might be the worst, that the interface doesnt allow well to make previous user browsing (It keeps a user folder open, when selecting another user). And thus the previous one consuming GigaTribe operation; bothering the browsing within the new user. Making pauses within the program.
    It doesnt allow the disengage of a user. (Must include it in 3.3)
    -Use of enlarged interface no good either, must stop imitating Vista/7 ways.Makes to note users list wayy big, and the type of marking (Mixed User list with Online User List)ll wrong too.
    -Top back-forward buttons no good use for them.

    -Does not include full thumbnails view which you must include in 3.3.
    -The preview image, of an image file
    is too small too.
    -Along with the most important of all.
    Public, Private, System related
    separate messaging along with the message history.

    All must be corrected in the 3.3 version.Making it more 2.52 like.
    Youll have to address the main reason of Why users kept using 2.52
    And so listed you some of them.

    Hoping that this gets the attention that needs, and that it helps to improve GigaTribe.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. I am a paid user for 2.52 ultament. I have tried the newer version and I hate it. If I can not keep the 2.52 then I will NOT purchase this again. Guess I will just go back to Paltalk and yahoo with my friends.
    Why fix something that is not broken???

  10. I paid for Gigatribe as an ULTIMATE user. According to this post, it says Ultimate Users and Prime users would NOT be affected. SO therefore, WHY can I still not log in to my software? I will not renew. I was sent the link for the 2.52 by someone IN your company when I originally PAID for my service. I am so sick of companies like you fixing things that are not really broken. WTH!

  11. due to the 2.52’s death, I downloaded and installed giga’s latest version. After I login with my username (casuallyyours) and password, Giga’s main window opens up and the list of problems begins:

    – My Status Icon (available, busy, away) overlaps the “status bar” for a few seconds before disappearing entirely.
    – Lower left corner of the screen: connecting to easyconnect please wait.
    – Lower left corner of the screen: (seconds after the first message) connection lost. Retry scheduled.
    – Next to my profileavatar pic, my status says “CONNECTED”

    After a couple of minutes and probably 3 retries, Giga disconnects all together and sends me back to the login screen.

    ANYHOW, on my other account on which I have a few contacts, I was able to view my friends folders and I even managed to start downloading from them before being kicked out by Giga (~ 2 minutes).
    Also, I noticed that if I keep Giga minimized to tray, it will stay connected and can download and upload normally. However, this is not a viable option since I cannot browse my friends folders and search for what I need in less than 2 minutes. Could this be a graphic glitch? resolution glitch or something like that?

    PS: I’ve tried V .007 as well as .006 on both my desktop and laptop computers and the result is the same. Also, I validated my email and received a 1 month Ultimate which didn’t help either since the same problem keeps recurring.

    Your help is eagerly awaited and very much appreciated, thanks and good luck with the release of 3.3!

  12. HI mike i realy hate you and all giga team, i hope the 3.3 vercion have multi chat. and i very angry for be forced to use version 3.01.007

    gigatirbe 3.01.007 suck

  13. Not only can I sympathize with everyone else’s issues, being somewhat visually impaired the colors being used are entirely to florescent for comfortable viewing.
    As far as connectivity issues go, I haven’t tried it, but with that said, others that are having problems, make sure to view your port settings and your firewall settings, making sure that gigatribe has been added to their allowances.
    Nuff said….

  14. i Told you Michael!

    poeples seeing bad changes, will quit on ultimate lisence!

    Just a very wise advise to gigatribe:

    Better you guys give the community of gigatribe a very lovelable,in every level, every means suprime version.Have to be better then any versions you guys ever relased. Or more peoples will decide leave, and invest their money into something else!

    2.52 version was the most trustworthy version ever!
    You should tell the developers, the new relase must surpass 2.52!

  15. Ivan

    you’re mabye not right with everything here!

    the version 3 brought us a lot of new changes! separated chats ( 2.52 always mixed up public and private chats )

    you can adding your own smiley’s, you can change the window size on chats, and i belive the size of the contact list is really good! You have groups, allowence to decide who, what can see, take, or you can have complete controll over everything! You can copy users into several groups! where you could do that in 2.52? If you delete a contacts from 1 group but he exist in another you wont loose the contact! In 2.52 you’d loose it right away. Yes, there tons of bugs in version 3, but i like it when i see someone have updates ( marked with red letters ), i can see it right away, where it is no hours long search! So many of your objection is far beyond nonsense! The 2.52 is liked more bec ause of its stability, but version 3 has more personalizing options i never had in 2.52 and i never want the old interface back! Its far primitive and simple! I hated it i got mix ups because things was not separated or personalise able! here you have that!

    About the rest, mostly on the consumers of memory on operation, its defenetly a huge issue!
    and forlast either in thumbnail or large view, still too small! thats should be corrected too, and make it lot bigger!

  16. This is the third time that I am posting a comment. The previous two never got past the moderators. The mods do not like it to hear negative comments about Gigatribe, even though all I am doing is just reporting the problems that I am having with it. I will try again and I fully expect this to get deleted like the others, but it will not stop me. I will continue to do this daily until the mods leave my comment in place. This is what I said previously:

    My biggest problem with the 3.01.007 version is the very frequent black screen. I will get a black screen wiht just the timer button showing and it takes forever for the interface to come back. When it does as soon as I click anywhere on the interface it immediately black screens again. Sometimes the interface never comes back even though i give it a long time and i have to end the process. When I try to log back in the login takes forever. I am talking more than just a few minutes. This software is not ready for primetime. This is really buggy software that is released. It is the worst case example of buggy software that I have ever come across. It reminds me of the early 80′s when computers were slow and the operating system was buggy which caused frequent freezes. The constant “black screen of death” is terrible..just terrible.

  17. It is great 2.52 is gone. Now finally we can move on. You will always have a few that refuse change, so be it there stuck in the past. You did the right thing by blocking 2.52. The only thing I would like to point out in your upcoming builds is more uploads! 16 was OK in the past but right now I run 3 Giga accounts all at the same time on one computer by using the run as a different user command in windows. With modern bandwidth and higher speeds I can support 48 uploads and still not touch my upload speed limit so don’t you think its time to take advantage of that? And all 3 accounts are ultimate paid accounts I run them on a Windows 7 64 bit ultimate sp1 computer with all the latest software and updates. Its funny I have no issues running 3 accounts yet these guys have issue running 1 LOL I think they need to get a reliable pc and take some computer courses!! I will give them that yes Giga dose crash when you remove a user that is the only issue I have seen. Keep up the good work 🙂

  18. John said:

    “This is the third time that I am posting a comment. The previous two never got past the moderators. The mods do not like it to hear negative comments about Gigatribe, even though all I am doing is just reporting the problems that I am having with it. I will try again and I fully expect this to get deleted like the others, but it will not stop me. I will continue to do this daily until the mods leave my comment in place”

    for the admin:

    i see you peoples gives damm about your rights! As a paying costumer of gigatribe i have several problems with this admin/oderator because deleted my comments due was way too negative for your business!

    Well here the thing! you have no right silence peoples because its will stop your money train go foward! If the passengers having problem with the “service” you have to take responsability and do your best having no more sad, or unsatisfied clients! i see not only i’m the ones who get ignored!

    For John:

    if you’re a ultimate lisenced member, you have in every means the right for your objections, and if they’re simply ignoring both you, and deleting your comments, you can ask legal help! I advice you to do that if you feel desrespected and ignored for the money you spent on a half assed service!

  19. Right On!

    thousand of peoples still using XP and Vista ( just like i do ) because its more user friendly, more personize able.You said you’re running 3 accounts on the same pc? I dont know how you do that, but i’d die for the answer! 🙂


  20. Hiya guys,

    Since i bought a lifetime subscription in 2005 i had allot of fun with gigatribe. I’ve never regret the money i’ve spended on the ultimate back then, but i do have to ask why we (the premium users) don’t get everything that the monthly subscripters get since we invested in the product and saw the potential. in my eyes it isn’t right to give us just a 10$ discount for a year of ultimate since we beleived in the product ftom the start.

    why making things so difficult? I do agree with the color scheme thing… add some more skins to it like the blue one of 2.52 (i liked it).

    One of my main issues with gigatribe since 3.x is that frequently the window get’s stuck. When i minimize it and need it back up it doesn’t appear. All i get is a small part of the titlebar with the gigatribe logo. After several times clicking on the tab in the toolbar the full window does appear.

    Further more i have problems with the layout where filenames are hidden behind images when i’m switching between windows within gigatribe at a fast rate.

    Further more no direct problems noticed here.

  21. FOR PATRIC 2.52 always mixed up public and private chats ?????
    WHERE MIXED ????? XD



  22. Patrick, Windows 7 is just as easy to use as vista, as a matter of fact Microsoft built windows 7 to be more user friendly. Microsoft cut support to vista, making it more open to malicious software, virus and so on.. To run more then one Gigatribe account at a time (with windows 7, vista or XP) you need a windows user account for each extra Gigatribe account you plan to run. To set up extra user accounts in window XP see this video to set extra windows accounts for vista and windows 7 see this video you will need to set passwords for each account. After you have done that for windows xp and vista just right click on the Gigatribe Icon and select from the context menu “run as a different user”. Type in the Windows user account and password and then gigatribe will open you can run one Gigatribe account per windows user account. To do this with windows 7 you need to hold the shift key as you right click the gigatribe Icon then you will see “run as a different user” option in the context menu. see this video for more info..

  23. Oh yeah forgot to say, each Gigatribe account will need to run on its own port you can change the port in the option pull down menu in gigatribe.

  24. THANK GOD!!!! I thought I was losing my freaking mind! I was also a paid user of the crappy 3.0, and for the last two weeks was not able to get on. I uninstalled and re-installed 3.0 SEVEN times, to no avail. I lost all my contacts, I’m very upset. This version, 2.52, works, if this version goes away I will NEVER use Gigatribe again, nor will I recommend it to anyone else.

    • @WiL

      If you have lost all your contacts, it is because you have created a new account and you have sign it with it.
      Just disconnect from this account and relog with your usual account (and all your contacts).

  25. would be nice if you’d 1 by 1 answer to all the complains was written by lot of peoples here Michael. i like you, because you’re professional and very patient! But the bosses of yours sure gives damm about us, small peoples! Can you do something they’re finally giving more respect tot he poples getting thick their wallets, and more importantly listen to our request complains,and resolve all this issues?

    Thanks, you’re the best ever Michael!

    • @Patrick

      The best answer will be a fully operative version. Do not hesitate to post in the ‘Bug list’ post if you have any idea or features to suggest.
      For now, we are working on the new version which will fix a lot of issues.

  26. Re; 3.01.007

    Couple of observations, which can hopefully be fixed for 3.3

    All Contacts: Hide/Supress “Blog”, if clicked it crashes gigatribe. Should only be visible on individual contacts

    Right Click on Contact, Delete; crashes gigatribe

  27. version 3 has lots of problems please return the old version it was powerful with no bugs i hate this new version………….

  28. I have been on Giga snce april 2008 as a premium subscriber. I watched all the 2.xx versions come and go, and lovd 2.52 best of all. I am oe of thee ones who held out to thee last day before switching to version. Now since i switched her aree the issuues i have.
    1. when searching i can not find my share in search.
    2. Search does not separate by user, it separates by folder. Now this creates difficulties in finding what i am looking for. I so liked the way 2.52 would sort by user in search and now i can not.
    3. That very little search button is stupid….it is one of the most frequently used buttons and it is microscopic in size.
    4. the theme area at the top is a total waste of precious space, and could have been so much smaller.

    Now there is a lot of V3 that I do like. and i have figured it out pretty good by now. so i am not totaly upset. I just hope that you can put back some of the features i mentioned in the next version since they are what was part of the best features.

  29. i had sometimes the same issues as harrlyrider said after me.


    Would be nice if you comment some way or another my point of view on the issues i’ve listed you both here and the bug list topic too.

    Peace out!

  30. Next observation

    Non static IP users, when ISP resets and/or reallocates a new IP, not reflected in Gigatribe, (was in V2.52) and lose “connected users”. Therefore for the new version, could we have ability to log on as username and a dynamic address ie, which is auto updated and could therefore be used by Gigatribe to update our IP. Only way round this is to disconnect, reconnect and wait the 30 minutes to re-read share folders twice a day.

  31. WTF???

    over 12 of my contacts left gigatribe just because you peoples blocked version 2.52 and they’re has NO INTENIONS use 3.01.007 at all! No offense boys, but you’re loosing loyal, stable clients just because can’t be reasonal, and think clearly! You guys cancelled the only 1 version were stable on your entire carrier, since you guys around! if you wanna lock a version do with the crappy 3.01.007 and 3.01.001-3.01.005 ones! Thoose are bad, not 2.52!

  32. Michael!

    passed over 2 months and we have not a word on the neqw relase!

    no offense, but what you folks doing is a VERY BAD COSTUMER CARE! We have no answers, solutions of our problems, you guys keep stay silent and hidden! do, and most importantly SAY SOMETHING!!!


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