GigaTribe News

Dear Tribers ,
We are very happy to inform our upcoming news:

GigaTribe 3.3 version will be available soon.
The priority of this version is to correct the existing problems.
One of the reasons why certain problems persist for several months is the use of different versions of GigaTribe: version 2.52, 3.0.20, 3.1.7, 3.2.4.
We will block all the existing versions and will replace them with a version 3.3.
This version is under development and will be released in the last quarter of 2011.
This version will be available for Windows and Mac.

Online tribes creation.
The tribes will allow to easily find users who share the same interests like you or who are in the same group as you: family, association, etc….
Any user can create a tribe and decide who can join to it.
The tribe members can see each other and send invitations to each other to join their private network.
The tribes will be available on our website in the end of September 2011.

The GigaTribe Team

23 thoughts on “GigaTribe News

  1. Banzai!!!!!!!

    Finally! thanks Michael! can you at least tell us wich bugs will be fixed?
    i can’t wait to have the new relase!

    P.S: can we finally remove the main smiley’s???

    please answer this 2 question, thanks.

  2. giga is for shareing files. go back to 2.52 and leave it alone. the problems with giga are from YOU trying to change things……… 2.52 worked great. Have you ever heard………if it isn’t broke don’t fix it………..

  3. “last quarter of 2011”, so it could be a year since 3.2.4 was released. That is so sloooowwwwwww. Especially as it sounds like 3.3 will just be fixing bugs. If you’ve rewritten the program from the ground up then it is understandable.

    Also, I wouldn’t describe the problems as “exciting”… maybe “existing”… 😉
    > Fixed. Thanks!

  4. well, far as i see, not i’m the only 1 who’s pretty annoyed by the fact over a year has none developments. With extra services can gain new members, but with ignoring the already ultimate lisenced users, make you loose both peoples faith, and money aslo! Like i said so many times, if you can’t do something, don’t promise a thing! when you can do something, then doit properly.

    chuck longbottom:

    i agree with 2.52 was the ever best version, but there had no separated chat windows, you can adding personal smiley’s, can move, or even copy peoples into differend groups and see if someone has updates! 2.52 did not had those feautures and so many other possibilities you can do today with the last version. I would like having all this extras with the 2.52 precisity!

  5. Its is good you see it is futile trying to keep so many different versions running at once. Never mind the above twits comments, there just mad because there (patched) versions will no longer work and they will have to pay like the rest of us for ultimate features. Either that or there just stuck in a technology vacuum and fear change, the internet is all about change, evolving and always changing. Technology dose not belong in that vacuum with the twits who refuse to evolve.

  6. Hi!!

    Glad that youre improving GigaTribe, but of the recent news,
    The main problem of all the 3x versions is its interface. Its totally buggy to use and mixes everything of messaging. Also browsing of users and thumbnail view are part of its failures.

    Thats why users are sticking to 2.52 version.
    Has differentiated messaging: Public, Private,and System.
    Theres the ease of use.

    Ease of user browsing also and not buggy as 3x versions.

    So, for 3.3 to be a success it has to be adopted a new interface and drop its current series one; or try to make it more like or to return the 2.52 interface but with 3.3 internal features.

    Hope that this helps the team to improve the program.

  7. >One of the reasons why certain >problems persist for several months >is the use of different versions of >GigaTribe: version 2.52, 3.0.20, >3.1.7, 3.2.4.

    Does this mean that who hold 3.3 cannot download from all these previuos versions, right? 3.3 user can download only from 3.3 users right?

  8. i agree with chuck longbottom and john,since 20 Jan 2009 GigaTribe (TribalWeb) v3.02 Beta was released(The 3 Version only have problems)and now in the “last quarter of 2011″ you say at last, version 3.3 will be stable and without bugs. I hope you have rewritten the program. because if you keep trying to patch version 3 I would rather keep using the version 2.52 I think it’s the feeling of many users of GigaTribe (giga is for shareing files with friends not for shareing friends leave it to social networks facebook, twitter and etc. etc.)shoemaker work in your work.
    how could a chat with co-workers without the multi chat that version 3 never had. cronologia de las versiones de gigatribe o tribal web
    Thinking and thank….

  9. well, guys i think there’s still lot of things you peoples not considering!

    In 2..52 was lot of thing you COULD HAVE NEVER DONE you can do in 3.1.007!

    the chat was a mess! was easy to get confused because the “public” and “private” chat windows was not separated! you had no personalizing options at all ( smiley’, type of letter, size, and color ) you had no possibility found new updates your contacts have uploaded like nowwe can see it right away ( colored in red every new added files ) and also you can personalise your own account! you can change your password now without sending a “password changing request” You can adding notes, blogs, having separated groups with high personalising options! WHERE DID YOU HAD THIS ALL IN 2.52?

    the only thing i still missing is the “large view”

    The large view not really that large! Not easy to see what is on the screen unless you pushing your face really close to the monitor! i would like asking you guys make “large view” large for real, not only for a name! And of course i would like to see finally the main smiley’s allowed to being deleted, and replaced by our owns if we wish!

    Hope i was clear, but not offensive!

    Peace out!

    i expect some answers from the gigatribe side too, so please let us know what we can expect!

  10. Michael could you give us some iformations about the new version? Peoples are pretty mad more like all around the globe, since you said the older versions wont be available, and many of us worried about the compatibility issue!! So please try be more precise, alnd let us know finally what we can exect! Especially, we’re whom own ultimate lisence membership!

  11. sorry because of the typing errors!

    I was writing way too fast.Anyway, the matter can be read still, and understandable! We need to know what we can expect,and how,and most of all, finally when(!!!) you will relase the new version?

    Will be compatibile with the old versions? If you guys remove all old versions and peoples dont like the new one how that will be resolved? And there’s dosens of questions, and neither i or others have heard yet a clear, useful statement after the announcment of 3.3 Version.

    Expect answer for all of my questions! Patrick

  12. Have you also blocked adding new users for 2.52 in anticipation of this next release? The reason for staying on 2.52 is that all current version 3.x are so buggy. Remember those of us who have been loyal since you were TribalWeb!

    • No version has been blocked yet.
      The only reason why we’ll block old versions is to improve the user experience: having versions 2 and versions 3 in the same network is generating bugs.


  13. Hi!!

    To GigaTeam.

    I understand the situation that having two versions running might be generating errors in your networks.

    But, you MUST realize and understand that the 3 versions have been all wrong and very buggy; they all seem like Milestone builds.

    We all that use GigaTribe 2.52, like the program a lot, and we stick to that one only because 3 versions are bad. Pretty sure you must see it, its right in front of you.

    As said before you must do for the next version a new total interface overhaul or to return the 2.52 interface enhanced but still that keeps its distinctive way.

    -Public, private, and system related messaging must remain separate.
    -Files view must get back the full thumbnails.
    -3 versions way of browsing between users and files must be removed, it doesnt work in a good way.
    -Also debugging the 3 version code, and improve it.

    Also you will have to cancel the blocking of 2 versions, for you to wait and see the reviews and results of the new version, that as said again needs full overhaul.

    Really hoping that this gets to the right people at Giga, and that its gets the proper attention, and the helps in the development.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Mr.Admin!

    well, as you see, most peoples still using the old, ( really old ) 2.52 version since the 3.V never been really stable at all! If you making this new one have to make sure there won’t be NOT EVEN 1 BUG at all!! If you block the only really stable version peoples using right now yet, you have to give them equally good as the 2.52 was!

    When we can expect the new version? What new features we’ll have? Because i belive, and expect there be something more new, more stable more persalise able, and of course faster as version 2-3.1.007 was!

    Expect answer for all of my questions! Patrick

  15. I can no longer accept invitations. I get an error message when trying. Is this because I am on 2.52?

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