Try Ultimate for free!

Hi everyone,

Now you just need to validate your email address to get one month free Ultimate license.
For those who have not yet activated their email address, I remind you that you can do so from your private space at any time.

27 thoughts on “Try Ultimate for free!

  1. How does this work? I don’t see a possibility to validate my e-mail anywhere at my private space.

    • @ Patrick

      It’s a 30 days trial.
      We realized some people gave up on GigaTribe because the transfer speed was too slow.
      They did not know they could have more downloads and better performance with the Ultimate version.
      We hope this trial periode will improve their experience and make them remain on GigaTribe.

  2. More to the point when will you just fix the program? the gimmicks of 30 days free after a year of promised fixes that never have came just is not anything to get excited about. It sounds like your just after new customers forgetting the customers that payed for years. Giga is a good program it use to be great and should be great again. I wish not to insult anyone but over a year no fix, no new build? are you sure your staff is up to fixing giga? I’m sorry to be so forward but if I am to invest more money into a ultimate license we need real answers and results not 30 days free (which you have done from day one anyway so its really nothing new)

  3. Hi please can you go back to the original procedure where you get 100 Gigapoints for validating your email. Its not fair that you are forced into an Ultimate license, I would rather have the points so I can choose what I want to do with the points (Get Ultimate, expand friends limit). Please, please respond, I’m desperate for those points.

  4. great job! love the program only issue is the invisable user issue. I Know you are working on that. I hope you can fix it.. are you still working on a fix? if so about how long until the next build will be ready? thanks

  5. I would agree with big_bro Great program And good deal with the free ultimate trial. And he is right only thing holding me back from renewing my ultimate license is invisibility issue. In fact it seems to be worse as time go’s on or rather as Gigatribe membership grows. I think there is a server issue more then there is a software issue as I noticed I can hardly connect or stay connected to users on the server located in the USA (which I am in the USA) I also recall this issue becoming more prevalent when The USA server was put online. I am sorry gigatribe did not reply to big_bro’s comment. It fills like gigatribe has no Idea for a fix when they do not respond the only fix they offered (i.E. router and port settings) did not resolve the issue. Please Gigatribe make this priority one. I just can not see a year latter still waiting for a fix and paying for the ultimate service until then. Thank you.

    • @big_bro & David

      We are still actively working on this issues and some really good advances have been made.
      However, After fixing the servers protocol, we’ll need to modify the client. So, you have to wait the next GigaTribe version to see the modification.
      – This problem concerns the American servers as well as other servers.
      -Disconnection issues are not linked with Invisible user issues. Most of the time, it is caused by software like Firewall/Antivirus.

  6. Thank you Michael. Any time frame on when you will be ready to give us a new build? Until then I will stick with free Gigatribe. And yes I realize all the issues with firewalls and anti virus programs. I can only test my end and have found with both the router firewall shut off and anti-virus program/firewall disabled I still have this issue.

  7. I see suggestions for more smiley faces, even though you can add them… or other eye candy social toys. I would rather see some real upgrades such as more uploads, 16 simultaneous uploads was plenty back when giga was tribal wed. Better internet speeds could handle way more then that now days so I think giga can grow in this area. Another improvement that would be nice, better control on uploads. I would like to see the ability to control upload que’s. I think this is needed due to the fact some users will create large ques making others unable to get anything for days. It would be nice if I could control the que and pick who gets what next so everyone gets something. After all again only 16 upload but we can add 1000 contacts or even more. Well do the math there are going to be a lot of mad qued users if I did add that many LOL eye candy and smiley faces are fine but when I am paying for ultimate I rather pay for useful upgrades.

  8. Works fine with windows 7 and norton anti-virus no problems but the speed is to slow!
    and maxim downloads per user is just a dumb idea!

  9. It does seem to be a firewall problem as I saw many invisable users when I started up GT briefly without my Zonealarm security suite firewall running & they all went invisable again as soon as I started up Zonealarm. Perhaps you can fix GT to solve this problem as setting GT up as a super user (all access) within Zonealarm does not solve the issue.

  10. “So, you have to wait the next GigaTribe version to see the modification.”

    Actually i’m more then crazy for a new version! When we can have it finally Michael?

    By the way: no matter how negative for your business what i’ve said once , twice or severla times, not you, or anyone who runs gigatribe has the right remove my comments because you peoples dont like it! I’m a ultimate lisense member, now over 3 years! I do giving my trust every year after year, even i’ve seen not new versions, or at least bug fixes over 16 months!

    So please instead deleting my comments when its hurting your feelings, do something about the errors, and give us finally a version 100% good, no bugs, no errors.

    with great respect. Patrick

  11. Yo!

    i just wanna ask if there’s any development about a version new relase? would be nice hearing about some good news lately….

    Peace out!

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