Connections issues


Some users may have problem to sign in. It seems that our login server has a material issue.
We are currently working on this issue to fix it as soon as possible.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience

***Edit June 24th***

Our services are temporarily suspended for some necessary repairs. We will inform you as soon as it will start to function.


This problem has been fixed. You should be able to connect from now.
Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience.

GigaTribe Team

34 thoughts on “Connections issues

  1. would like to know how to change my e mail address on gigatribe’s imfo site when im logged in do not see an option to update it.
    any ideas?

  2. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I have been unable to connect to Gigatribe since yesterday. When I try to connect, I get an error message that servers not responding. Hope you can fix this soon. Thanks

  3. Hello, I am unable to connect to Gigatribe. When I try to connect, I get an error message that servers not responding. Can someone help me with this problem. Thanks

  4. Though I have enjoyed gigatribe for sometime I am getting very frustrated with the stacking up of complications. I accept a user and then the program deletes them with out their wishes and wont let me reinvite them because gig says he is in my group. But when I cant connect to gig when servers down the problems are getting old. This is not the first time…….If I were a free user i wouldn’t post a complaint…….But even with these issues I would still recommend gig to my friends. jonsm08060

  5. Hi

    Iam having log in uses again, First I had the “server not responding” error and now… my username isnt valid anymore?? Any ideas what happened?

  6. I have a problem.
    I can not log in with my usename. Neither the website or with the program.
    Always get the message: This user does not exestiert.
    Please help me.
    Thank you.


  7. I ave anothe problem.
    My ultimate account is gone, But he is still running until December 2011. 😦

  8. i tired to log in using the same id i have had for yrs but when i tried to it kept syaing user id not created because of this i had to get a new id and lost all my contacts whats up with this

  9. Hello Gigatribe,

    My account was deleted. I had a lifetime ultimate users license which is now gone too. I re-setup the account, but lost my ultimate license and all my contacts. I have sent you several emails with my account name in them. I am hoping this can get fixed right away. Maybe from a backup restore tape or something.

    • Hello

      After Friday Intervention, some data has been corrupted. Saturday and Sunday we did a full restoration. Now everything is functionning well.
      Some people had the error message ‘ The server did not respond’:
      Try to close totally GigaTribe (check if the GigaTribe icon in the system tray, bottom at the right, has disappear). Then, relaunch GigaTribe.

  10. my giga keeps disconnecting. It wants me to upgrade to version 3. Everytime I click on the address to upgrade I get an error – “not found”. Now I can’t connect at all. My ultimate doesn’t end until Nov. 2011
    H E L P

  11. I can’t access gigatribe. I have been able to until this evening. My email address may be listed under please help me get back on the site. Thanks LoniSueEngledow

  12. Hi Micheal
    is there a problem with easy connect, my giga connects to the network and after a minute it says connection lost , reconnecting and then just shuts down. i have restart giga a few time even restarted the pc a few time and still no joy, i have ultimate licence that only ends in November.

    please help


  13. Hi, I just joined last night and have a login and laptop quit last night also..I just got new laptop,and downloaded program again.but no place to login my info.can you help..thank

  14. I went for a long time with error messages and finally downloaded version 3. Now I can’t stay on for more than one or two minutes. I am really starting to get upset with it. I love my Giga account but I will be canceling my membership if I continue to be kicked off. Please contact me soon.

    • @Joyce & Invinciblenick

      This is most likely a problem that is caused by a firewall or an antivirus (or a security internet program) that is too aggressive in blocking out incoming and/or outgoing “calls” .

      Can you try completely deactivating both XP (or Vista) firewall and any other firewalls or antivirus software you have running for one minute to see if if the problem persists when they’re all off? If you can get through, you can then more easily find out which one cause this problem and make the necessary setting adjustments.

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