Login servers update

Dear users,

06th June a maintenance took place to improve the connection servers.
Some DNS addresses have been changed and the propagation time may change depending on your location. Therefore it’s possible that this maintenance has affected the connection for some users .
We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and would like to inform you that everything is back to normal.

15 thoughts on “Login servers update

  1. I am not sure what happens when you have an update but I cannot get on giga and this may go on for days. I am NOT happy

  2. @Sir Michael

    Sir can you fix this problem… everytime a delete a user it when to disconnected or it will quits the software… help please thanks

    • @Aldren

      We are aware of this problems and it can not be fixed until the next version.
      For the moment, you can delete a user without crashing from the menu next to your profile.

  3. Has something went wrong or changed with the servers? Not sure if it is your update or what but I can only see 1 or 2 contacts on line now. It is not that the rest are offline I can send offline messages and have found 11 contacts today who show as offline but are online. I know invisible issue is still there, however it has not been this bad! I run windows 7 64 bit with gigatribe 3.01.007. I have both used direct connection and easy with no results making sure all ports are open to giga tribe even ran giga with the firewall disabled no help.

    • @Borg

      Maybe you could invite me on GigaTribe (ie Michael) to run some test. Are you sure your direct connection was configured? Did you check your firewall/antivirus to see if one of them could cause this problem?

  4. Hi everyone!

    Yo Mike! Sorry to bothering you, but my giga died on me several times in the last 23 days…..can you please check out whats goin on with the servers? Thanx, pace out!

  5. @Michael

    Thanks for reply. I just found out today that my internet provider was sold and taken over by another company.
    The issue looks to be with the switch over on there end. Today so far no issue connecting to giga or my contacts so I hope the issue is solved. If not I will invite the Michael account. Thank you again for your fast reply.

  6. I am unable to connect. I get a message that “the servers did not respond” I believe the error number is 3.01.006

  7. Is it possible to modify the access control list in such a way that it becomes possible to define group access not only on the root folder level but also on the sub-folder level? I have a very large tree under my shared folder that I share with one friend. If I want to give my family access to just one sub-folder and friends to another sub-folder, I have to make a copy of these two sub-folders, share them separately and give access to respectively family and friends. This is ridiculous, and even more: if you really got a lot of folders, it takes ages for Giga to start up and the “local settings/application data/shalsoft” folder becomes gigantic.
    Another great disadvantage is that even if you have created thumbnails for the main folder, you will have to recreate thumbnails for every copy of a sub-folder you have created.

  8. Is there a possibility to redefine the folder where Gigatribe stores it data? Now it is “local settings/application data/shalsoft” which for some users is a big problem.
    First of all, if you use Roaming Profiles, the “Local settings” folders are not replicated, what means that every time you work on a different computer, you loose all your thumbnails and Gigatribe has to be told again what folders you share with whom. That is of course completely unacceptable.
    Second, it poses a big security risk. If the computer where you have used Gigatribe will be used by someone else, they have access to the names of all the directories you have shared and they can see all the thumbnails you have created and they can read all your chats.
    A very simple solution is to give the user the possibility to choose the location of these configuration files. That way, it would become possible to run Gigatribe from an external hard disk without leaving any personal data on the PC.

  9. Please, PLEASE add the option of automatic file downloading based on a per-shared folder!! This would save me so much time! 🙂

  10. What is happening??? I have been unable to connect for 5 days, now.

    I can connect to the home site, but, am unable to connect to the members site.

    As an Ultimate member, this is unacceptable.

    Please, help me to connect!!


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