3.01.007 Bug list

As announced, we would like to inform you that the bug list is now available. It will be updated every time a new bug is reported.
This list will help us to correct all the bugs easier.

Thanks for your participation.

List of known bugs:

-Invisible user
-Minimize and Maximise window issue
-Random crash after deleting a contact
-Folder sort setting issues
-Uncrypted ID and chat history

30 thoughts on “3.01.007 Bug list

  1. Well I think your bug list needs to be updated. Gigatribe 3.01.007 also crashes when deleting contacts. This mainly happens when removing a contact that is online. I noticed if no files are in que from the user or from me then Giga wont crash when I remove him. However I have not tested but a few times. Also not relay a bug but annoying if you could fix the “Recommendation Request” link. Its to close to the chat tab and it to easy to hit by mistake maybe a confirmation pop up window or relocate the link. Anyway thought I would point that out. Thanks for the bug list.

  2. Hi,
    I installed the latest version of gigatribe and not able to connect too! Purchased ulimate.
    Email you guys about it yet no reply.

  3. Not a bug maybe, but it would be nice if you would be able to password protect any folder you wanted. As it is now, only first level folders can be password protected. As far as I can see.

    Thanks in advance.

  4. Yes, my main problem is the folder getting disassorted everytime i step out and back in a folder and well, yes, the crashing after i try delete someone from my contact’s but with that i can live with.But….would be nice having a fully (!!!) personizeable version. Means in every way. Would be nice have beed added the invisibility, and remove the main smiley’s as well, so we can adding our owns. Also would be great if there be something else, something better instead the “bell”. Its makes nothing really any changes if we’re honest! you sending a bell, and the person not even notice it you’re trying getting him/her paying attendtion. Would be awesome something more effective being added, like in msn the screen shaking stuff, or something that sure is getting the attedtion when my talking partner fell asleep on the other side.I really hope after 14 months we soon getting a new, and really great version! Pace out fellas.

    P.S :

    in the folders the Large view actually not large. you have to pull really close the screen if you wanna see what is it at all you’re seeing.Would be nice that being changed, if i choose “large view” i’d like to have it large.

  5. Since your server upgrade I noticed that in your blog you said it would enable faster speeds. I must say some contacts of mine now are faster. However all 2.52 users are slower! and more often they show offline (when they are online) more than 3.01 users. I love 2.52 simple dependable and was a pure file trading app. However I can not help but wonder if it is not a mistake on GigaTribe staff for clinging on to 2.52. I do not mind change but we all need to get on the same version of software or you will never work all the bugs out! For that reason if 3.01 is the way of Giga’s future then I am behind it 100% but you can not keep running 2.52 you need to kill it and 3.00 so you can focus on 3.01 issues. I noticed less to no issues when connecting to other 3.01 contacts with 3.01, the “Normal invisibility issue is almost always to 3.00 and 2.52 contacts. You have already stated the end of 2.52 is coming, I think it is already here before your next build can even stand a far test from your community of users you need to make 3.1 the only choice.

  6. Oh yeah, Thank you for all the work and responses to the blogs. I think Gigatribe overall is heading in the right direction. For me not so much I pretty much run file trade and hardly have use for chat. But I am no fool I do know almost all apps now days need that social component to capture the internet market so I am happy to see Giga grow as it should even if its no all about my needs LOL 🙂

  7. Gigatribe crashes on Windows 7 two or three times a week. Each time I have to uninstall, wait a day or two, reinstall and it will work. Freezes up the machine everytime this happens and must reboot. Running a new AMD core 6 processor with 16 gigs of Ram……..

  8. whenever i log in there’s this thing that the internet cannot find me and cannot easyconnect. etc.

  9. I have noticed over the past few weeks of you’r server upgrade, Invisible users are more common. I would also agree with the MixZnuts that the issue is more so with 2.52 users but not limited solely to them. I also noticed a high rate of file downloading and not saving properly. I get files that no longer have a file type associated with them. I also read this issue is not only in gigatribe but also happens with I tunes and only effects windows 7 users. I run both gigatribe 2.52 and 3.01.007 from the same computer everyday. The files not saving right are always when using version 3. So what changed from version 2 to version 3 could unlock the solution. I would rather use V3, however it is unreliable. I no longer pay for ultimate due to the fact you have no working software at present time. Sure version 2.52 is stable just not supported, and is not fully compatible to v3 users. I agree, you do need to make a choice either to go with v3 and kill 2.52 or admit defeat and go back to supporting 2.52. Either way this is hardly the time for you to be off building new software like “flash to my pc” when you are charging customers for a service that is failing!
    Old_wolf1995, you may want to list more about you’r issue. I also run Windows 7 (64bit ultimate) with a Asus M4A88T-V EVO/USB3 motherboard 6 Core AMD 16GB DDR3 Gigatribe V3.01.007 I have not ever had my computer or windows freeze up while running gigatribe. I run gigatribe 7 days a week 24 hours a day. I do know though from the bit you told me it sounds like your issue is caused by having to many files in your download folder. If your download folder gets to much in it Gigatribe will lock up and at times even lock up windows forcing a reboot. This issue can be tested simply by temporary moving your downloads out of the download folder. Run giga if that fix’s the issue then bingo you know how to fix it. If it don’t fix it you can move the downloads back into the download folder and reboot Giga.
    Note: Shared folders can be subject to the same issue however less frequent. Note: to giga users in general for a more stable sharing experiences on giga tribe file management is vital. Breaking large folder into organized sub folders greatly improves gigatribe stability Gigatribe may be unlimited file sharing, in truth though stuffing to much in a folder can cause gigatribe AND windows to “choke”. (Smaller)Sub folders will speed everything up, free up bandwidth and help for a more stable environment. This is not a issue that gigatribe can fix for you.

  10. John John is right. One build would be the way Gigatribe should go at this point. However 2.52 is still better then any of the V3 versions that Gigatribe staff has built. It is easy to see why that Gigatribe staff cling to it and are scared to remove it. They realize by doing so V3.01.007 is nothing more then a Beta build after all you only kill off your prior builds when the Beta build is ready for market. Giga has said in prior blog:
    Say what

    Michael, Thank you for the response to my post, I will keep a eye on giga blogs but with the needs I have I will also be looking for something more stable and secure, one thing I do not understand is, you set out to be the best private secure file trading program out there. and you were for a long time. Even your mission statement reads “Private,Secure, Unlimited File Sharing Software” Yet in all your upgrades you done nothing to build upon that since version 2.52, Chat is still not encrypted and when a Gigatribe user logs on his/hers password is sent to the Gigatribe server in plane text???…. to me, I would thing to be the ” Private,Secure, Unlimited,File Sharing Software” this would be more the area you should be fixing and growing on.. Not more social toys and eye candy.. But I do thank you it was fun while it lasted!


    Posted March 29, 2011 at 10:55 am | Permalink

    @say what

    -The ‘invisible users’ issue has not been fixed yet but this is one of main priority.
    -you are right about the security question and it is one of our current preoccupation. Chat and connexion ID will be change in the next version.

    Well for them to pull that off, there will be no way 2.52 will work with it so now there back is up against the wall either they keep there word and kill 2.52 or there not hearing use and care not to face the future.

    To me it is fascinating to watch Gigatribe evolve it is not unlike Microsoft clinging to a bad build (in Microsoft case Vista) well Microsoft did what needed to be done and cut all support to vista removed updates for it from there website and put out windows 7. Internally Microsoft knew it would piss some users off just as the upcoming death of XP support will, but in the end it had to be done. Giga are you ready to do what needs to be done? My idea (even though Gigatribe will never go a long with it) is to kill V3 all of it go back to what worked 2.52 and fix the few areas it was week in, secure the chat (encryption) and fix the log on password issue. Simple solution then build off it, add better chat ect… but even if Gigatribe is not ready for that john john is right kill off 2.52 before you think you can get a v3 build to work right. Thank you everyone I am a Gigatribe user all the way back to tribal web days I only want to see Gigatribe Grow and truly become the best!

    • @Right on

      Chat is encrypted. The point is that your chat history is stored on your local machine. We think this is not really necessary to crypt that. However, we will change it.
      About the password in plane text, it is the first thing that we have fixed in the next version.

  11. Signing in.
    The program stops responding ALL the time when logging in. i can see the screen but it stops on “loading”.
    now im not on a VPN connection either.
    help me pls?

  12. Hi I’d like to suggest that you add a feature where you can stop one person downloading from you without having to move them to another group.

    Like you can right click, delete or pause your own file while downloading.

  13. I think there’s also a problem with displaying pictures in Giga’s built-in blog feature. Or is it me only? If you try to add a picture to the post, it doesn’t display in the blog.

  14. thanks Michael!

    i’d like to really, sincerly apologize accusing you with the crime its not yours, its the developers.

    When we can expecting the new version? Just give us some hope, some little hope.

    • @Patrick

      We are still working to prepare a new version. Before we need to fix some issues and we still can not tell you a date.
      Make sure that as soon as we can, we will tell you the release date.

  15. God bless you.

    Please keep telling them about leaving the entire chatting section 100% costumizeable!

    Thanks Michael!

  16. I posted this question under Connections issues, but maybe this is a better place. (You should create a new blog: New Features or something like that)
    My question was: is it possible to modify the access control list for next version in such a way that it becomes possible to define group access not only on the root folder level but also on the sub-folder level? Also to apply a password on sub-folders? And modify the name of a sub-folder?
    In short, give the possibility to customize sub-folders in exactly the same way as a root-level folder?

  17. Guys, its all fine bringing out newer versions but PLEASE just make it work properly.
    The new version 3.01.007 bombs out every few seconds regardless of the OS it is loaded on. I have an ultimate account and the app opens up, allowing me to log in. The problem is that every few seconds gigatribe either minimizes and i have to click on the icon on the right hand side, bottom of screen or the system just plainly disconnects. What a frustration.
    It also seems that v3 frequently looses connection, unlike what the v2 was doing.

    Pls assist or at least tell me what to do if i need to change something on my side.

  18. This is an update to my previous posting on September 28th.

    I was having lots of problems with the version 3.01.007 so I upgraded my system from a 32bit Vista OS to a 64bit Windows 7 OS and now I don’t have so many problems with Gigatribe anymore, except for the time it takes to delete a contact.
    BTW, it’s faster to delete a contact when they offline.

    If you are experiencing a lot of connection problems with Gigatribe and you are still using Vista, I recommend that you upgrade to Windows 7. It worked for me, maybe it might for you. Gigatribe still occupies a lot of RAM memory, but I went down from 500,000K to 271,000K. Windows 7 works so much better with Gigatribe and other applications. I have a dual core processor.

  19. 1: 3.1.007 eats a lot of memory, and slowing down the system and taking away the whole internet speed from other applications! ( far as i see not i’m the only one seeing that way )

    2: the main folder and subfolders do not remember the user settings, and even worse when you step out a subfolder to the main folder everything in chaos, no alphabetical listing at all as the old version did it always!

    3: The “large view” not large, not big to see clearly what you watching on your screen!

    4: the main ( annyoing,and small ) smiley’s are not removeable

    5: there’s tons of “invisible users” wich is not right! someone, Busy, away, or online! This ain’t msn, where you supposed to allow users stay hidden. ( and leeching on peoples ) I have 6 person on my contact list, they’re almost 24/7 online, but i never see them because they’re status “hidden” or “currently offine” even the person confirmed to me, he’s online right away.

    6: personal, group, and “all contacts” chat messed up! Ok, no doubt better as 2.52 had, but still not separated away enough!

    I think this what i see the moment, but there’s lot more by others!

    PS: This the most annoying to me: i can’t remove this on the details tab: “quota” and “Rate” thoose things noone cares, noone use, or needed by anyone! Not useful! would be nice if that will be left out completly or at least can be removed by the user in the new version! Small, but pretty disturbing thing.

    peace out, pls answer this Michael when you have time!

    • @Patrick


      -Point 1,2, 5 & 6 are our main priority bug list. Next version will fix it.
      Actually a new EasyConnect protocol has been developed and GigaTribe client must be modify to be compatible with this new protocole.

      -Point 3 is on our improvement list.

  20. what about point 4: the smiley’s? why we can’t remove the main ones if we no need them? small, not animated, and really no needed for, since many peoples because using their own emocitons and smiley”s. Ok, not a life depending issue, but a possibility we should have! at least the ultimate lisenced members. And thoose useless, things on the tab as “quata” and “Rate” was a really unnecessary idea. Noone use that.

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