Server down

One of our server is currently down.
You may not create a new user nor connect to a webpage from the software.
We’re currently working on this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience


GigaTribe Team

6 thoughts on “Server down

  1. My giga was working fine until my son hooked me up to a D-Link and now it say something about “You cannote be contacted via the Internet and cannot use EasyConnect” What do I do??

  2. The servers did not respond.

    I have been a user for 4 years, I have router and firewall configured and have not changed anything thing since last using Gigatribe.

    Then this morning I get ‘The servers did not respond’ error message.

    Is it me or are the servers down?

  3. I should add I am a Premium user and just had my fourth anniversary which offered me a cheap upgrade to Ultimate for a week, which I did not accept as I am happy with Premium.

  4. it seems the server is down again can someone confirm this because am unable to see my files and log in

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