About EasyConnect

Hi everyone,

We keep on working to improve our servers EasyConnect which will provide you a faster service.

We are pleased to inform you that very soon, the service will not be cut after 30 days and will be extended for free for an unlimited time but with limited bandwidth.
All these changes are in progress.

Meanwhile, we have increased the trial period of EasyConnect from 30 to 60 days.

NB: These modifications are compatible only with version 3.

22 thoughts on “About EasyConnect

  1. Sorry but again I know it was asked in the past however it needs to be asked again is this to be the end of gigatribe 2.52? and by that I mean I noticed you no longer offer it for download and have not in a long time now and fail to say if giga tribe 2.52 will benefit from your new easy connection servers or if its no longer supported and is due to die? I would like to know this so I am not paying for a account and stuck with your buggy version 3.. Thanks

    • @say what..

      -Version 2.52 has not been suspended at the moment. However, it is no longer on our website and it will be stopped very soon.
      -Version 3 is stable; if you have any problem concerning it please do not hesitate to write us at contact@gigatribe.com

  2. Great, a barrier for many people to work with the Free GigaTribe was taken away with this! People who want a higher bandwidth that buy the Ultimate anyway. Thanks

  3. Alexei,
    I would pay for more bandwidth! It is the way it works with most sites. The more bandwidth the more it cost it is not free for giga to provide easy connection so why should it be free for me to use it? My issue with giga V3 is “invisible users” users who are connected showing as offline even when I open port 80 on both my router and computers firewall and connect by easy connection to another easy connected user or also when direct connected. I tried what was posted as a fix and still saw the issue. Also a bug I get a lot, is some file “with version 3” downloaded but do not save right. The file type and part of the files name is missing so I have to go back and look on giga what the file name and type was and rename the file. It only happens using giga v3 and higher never with giga 2.52.
    Michael Thank you for the response to my post, I will keep a eye on giga blogs but with the needs I have I will also be looking for something more stable and secure, one thing I do not understand is, you set out to be the best private secure file trading program out there. and you were for a long time. Even your mission statement reads “Private,Secure, Unlimited File Sharing Software” Yet in all your upgrades you done nothing to build upon that since vershion 2.52, Chat is still not encrypted and when a gigatribe user logs on his/hers password is sent to the gigatribe server in plane text???…. to me, I would thing to be the ” Private,Secure, Unlimited,File Sharing Software” this would be more the area you should be fixing and growing on.. Not more social toys and eye candy.. But I do thank you it was fun while it lasted!

    • @say what

      -The ‘invisible users’ issue has not been fixed yet but this is one of main priority.
      -you are right about the security question and it is one of our current preoccupation. Chat and connexion ID will be change in the next version.

  4. and what hapend with the multichat vercion 3 not it has. is quite annoying to have to change and change of windows to talk with several friends at once time

    and vercion 3 takes too long to display or read data from external hard drives
    takes a long time to star reading folders to share

    giga 3 is like windows vista. very nice, nice to see. But annoying to work: slow, unstable, with very many real cutie things but a hodgepodge

    please don not suspended giga 2.52 until version 3 is indeed stable and has all the functions giga 2 has, and the all pretty cool things more as an added in giga 3 but working well 🙂

  5. I tried logging into gigatribe recently and was told that my easy connection was no longer valid and am having trouble connectiong directly as recently having at&t set up a new modem and router and I have no idea how to get it going

  6. @Say What?

    Pay more for bandwidth is a choice that not everyone can make. Your point of be downloaded files with wrong or no name seems extraordinary, I created with NSIS GigaTribe portable and many times be downloaded here in the Netherlands, never have I had any negative comments about the download function. Check your firewall on block of some file extensions is my advice.

  7. @Alexei, I apologize for my former remark. I did not intend to say you should pay for more bandwidth. I understand very well not everyone can afford to pay for it. I was only trying to point out that Gigatribe has to pay for their bandwidth just like the rest of us. So I understand the need for them to have to charge something for the bandwidth or they would not be around very long. Things such as staff salary, Bandwidth are just normal operation costs. And that is all I was trying to point out. What giga has done is given us free easy connection and after 30 days easy connection but with limited bandwidth in other words they also understand not everyone can afford their service as well. And they decided to at least give that and pay for it themselves just to help out..
    @Michael, Thank you for the Info, and thank you for letting us know you do know giga V3 still has issues.
    I will look forward to the next build.

  8. Michael, thank you for your replies to my messages in other posts.

    I genuinely don’t see what you guys are doing though if you are actually working on Gigatribe and not this other project that you ahve just launched. The 3.2.4 beta was “launched” and withdrawn at the start of November, that’s nearly 5 months ago! What on earth have you been doing for 5 months that you haven’t been able to fix:

    – the invisible user problems.
    – the strange file renaming issue that was mentioned above where the extension and part of the filename is cropped for some inexplicable reason.
    – the buggy gui. It IS buggy, I don’t really care how pretty it is, it is tainted because of it’s sluggishness and bugginess. If I minimise the window, more often than not I have to click to restore it and then minimise it and then restore it a few timse before the window reappears – before that happens all i see is the top left 100 or pixels of the titlebar (the Gigatribe logo).

    When I maximise the program from the context menu on the taskbar, why does it resize the window to the size of my desktop?? Why doesn’t it just maximise the window? It’s annoying because I can then drag the desktop-sized window around and it is still “maximised”. And the “restore” button (between minimise and close in the top right of the window) disappears when i maxmimise this way.

    I would GLADLY go back to the interface of 2.5x (which wasn’t even bad – if you have ever used Flashget you know what a bloated and badly conceptualised interface looks like!). Please don’t just keep this buggy interface because it would be an embarrassing climb-down to roll it back to the old one.

    There are other programs (open-source, I might add – I won’t mention any names here) that are fast approaching the capabilities of this software (and indeed are ahead of it in some areas). I really do hope you can sort Giga out before they do catch up, I have used your program for years and it would be a shame to have to leave it because it felt stagnant (which it does at the moment because it’s been so long since it’s been updated).


    (I promise I will say something nice about your program one of these days)

    • Let me remind you that our staff has been recently modified and that is why we have some delay in the development of Gigatribe.
      A new experimented engineer has joined us and we are doing our best to present you a new version as soon as possible.

      About the mentioned default, we have an internal tracking system to list all known bugs. However, to be perfectly transparent, we have decided to create a new post on this blog to list all the bugs that users will report.

  9. Thanks for the reply, Michael.

    I also just noticed that Giga somehow overrides Windows 7’s behaviour of maximising the window to half the desktop space when you drag it to either side of the desktop. Surely this isn’t deliberate?

  10. John, The issue regarding the strange rename of files may not be a gigatribe issue. This issue appears to be a Windows 7 issue at this point. There are a lot of blogs about this issue when using windows 7 and other apps not just gigatribe. Microsoft has not addressed the issue yet but are working to solve it.

  11. Despite being a casual and occasional user of Gigatribe, I did purchase a Premium account in 2008…Now I find myself unable to connect unless I spend either more money on an Ultimate subscription or a 3rd party software to connect to the service?? Ridiculous!! You have essentially downgraded access to the system for existing subscribers….I cannot imagine that is a good business model….There needs to be some way for existing Premium subscribers to utilize the service without adding expense….

  12. I just upgraded to windows 7 and tried reinstalling gigatribe but when i type in my username and password it says ‘you cannot be connected via the internet and cannot use easy share’.

    I currently have an ultimate membership!! So what do I do now?

  13. Gigatribe’s invisible user problem… I was able to fix it.

    The problem itself lies within the upgrade path from previous versions to the more current versions. Simply uninstalling and reinstalling is not the answer.

    I uninstalled the program, went into the registry settings, searched for and completely obliterated any remaining registry keys that used the word ‘gigatribe’. After I was finished, I reinstalled the latest version from the website, launched the program and magically, all of my contacts who had been missing for months were showing online and available.

    Additionally, the program response time is remarkably faster that it was before. So if you decide to brave the dangers of the Regedit, go for it, good luck, and I think you’ll be pleased with the results.


  14. Premium member.
    Recently changed connection speed which required a new wireless router/modem combination to Cisco DPC3825.
    I’ve made sure UPnP IS enabled.
    I’ve tried Port Forwarding & Port Triggering.
    Software to check says Port 3728 IS open.
    And yet I CANNOT connect.

    Is Gigatribe trying to FORCE premium members to upgrade to Ultimate?
    I paid to be a Premium member – and now I’m expected to pay AGAIN?
    I was not expecting ‘Easy Connect’ – I DID configure the router/modem to DIRECT CONNECT.
    NOW – you expect me to buy ULTIMATE in ADDITION to Premium??!!

    What kind of STUPID business plan is THIS?

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