Server issue February5 and February 9

On the night of Saturday, February 5 to Sunday, February 6, one of our servers was down. Some of you may have encountered difficulties to connect.
The problem is fixed on Sunday around 10am.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Again, the servers were not available during the past night. We are going to cut them for fixing the problem and make them operational as quickly as possible. We are going to install a new server to prevent that kind of issues.
So it is going to be not available for 2 hours.
We are really sorry about it and do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible
Thank you

7 thoughts on “Server issue February5 and February 9

  1. Ok, I didn’t know why I couldn’t connect, so I bought another year of ultimate, thinking my account was up. I hope I don’t lose any months by renewing early.

  2. cant log in unless I try about 80 times or more… 6-29-2011 I think your server is down again.

  3. I can not log in tonight. I get the error “The Servers did not respond.” I think you need new servers! I am not sure why I pay for GigaTribe when I get non-stop problems. First its inadvisable users, Guys who are online but show up as off line a issue that still is not resolved! Then there is all the bad builds, that crashed a lot causing a night of downloading to fail. Normally if I was not paying for Ultimate I would not mind. But I pay for Giga and thinking why am I paying for all these issues?

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