Version 3.1.7

Hi everybody,
We would like to inform you that the new version is online: version 3.1.7
This version is compatible with proxys and correct all the problems linked with web saturation.

Best Regards

25 thoughts on “Version 3.1.7

  1. there is no dowload link for that verion or the link is broken and needs to be fixed if that is a true download or update. because anit nothing happening.

  2. Hello,
    Thanks for the update, however the new version still crashes when removing users and I still can not see some users who are online. I have tried both easy connection and direct connection with the fowling results:

    While using direct connection I had 4 users who were online show up as offline 2 of the 4 users were using gigatribe version 2.52 one of the other 2 users was using gigatribe 3.01.006 and the last user was using version 3.01.007. my speeds (on average)was 120kb/sec upload 1.2Mb/sec downloads

    While using easy connection I saw the 4 users as online however my upload and download speed drops to (on average) 34kb/sec upload and 48kb/sec download
    so even though I can see all my users who are online with easy connection the speed is bad using it.

  3. My current version is 3.2.004 , Do you prefer to change it to the version 3.1.7 ..? Please reply soon am waiting.

  4. Hi there,

    We use GigaTribe now for over a year and are very satisfied!
    Our team has GigaTribe (v3.17) translated in Dutch, if you are interested let me know!

  5. Hi, to sad that there’s a new version and this one also crashes after deleting an existing user…Any ideas about this (bad) failure?!? Greetings, Joe

    • @Alex


      GigaTribe and proxys are not really compatible. We do not provide support for that kind of issue. There is too many different proxy.

  6. Hi!
    Because this version 3.1.7 is not able to remember how to sort when switching between folders, I downgraded to ver. 3.1.6 now to reenable this lovely feature.
    Also it is horrible that all files are downloaded with current timestamps. Most time I would prefere the original ones. I think to remember this item from older versions. Is it to come back (or new, if I’m wrong) in one of the next versions? So if current date is prefered, a self made copy will have it, this is less difficult than to get old timestamps back on masses of files.
    Thank you for always working on Gigatribe.

    • @Barney

      Hi and thank you for your comment
      We are aware of the first issue and the next version will fix it.
      About the timestamp, this is a really good suggestion. I have transfered your comment to the development team.

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