Informations for users

Dear Users,

We have encountered some problems with our servers during the week-end and our Website has been temporary unavailable.

This issue is fixed now.

All GigaTribe team are really sorry for the inconvenience.

Have a nice week.

9 thoughts on “Informations for users

  1. when you peoples gonna finally talk about 3,2 and the relase date! tnow over 3 months peoples waiting and only your failuers we got anwers we want, and anwers for all the feedback users told you to guys to resolve

    • Hi,

      We have finished the test period of Beta version but it still presents some incompatibilities with the previous version that is why we do not want to release 3.2.4 version.
      We do not have any date for the future release version and we are sorry about that.

      Thank you

  2. with the new version you guys can came up compatibility? the older and newer versions can finally connect with each other? and do something about the bell option, thats thing is a worthless crap, aint do anything at all, can you guys create finally something more attendtion taker buzzer? like yahoo msg use, or shaking the whole chat window stuff like msn? that’s would be good, and useful finally. For

    final word:

    give the users finally the option delete main smiley’s and replace ’em with their own. and read about someone complained about the “large view” isn’t that big as 2.52 had. i gotta say, thats right, can fix that one too?

    Cya folks, peace out

  3. Sound like you need help? ever consider asking you community to help in development? I am sure someone out there can get giga 3.2 working right.. Maybe a incentive program such as offering a free ultimate for life membership to the first user who can resolve the compatibly issues? Great minds are out there waiting to be discovered!

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