GigaTribe 3.2

Hi everyone,

Now we are finishing to test a Beta version (3.02.02). This version is stable and all bugs  has been fixed.

It should be released during the next week and we are really excited to share it with you.

GigaTribe Team

12 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.2

  1. Looking forward to it, really happy with the direction that you guys have decided to go recently.

    Happy to be an Ultimate member. Hope things continue to go in a progressive and user requested direction.

  2. i hope the new vercion realy work fine and have multi chat and be like vercion 2.52 but improved and not 3 vercion,which worsened throughout

  3. “This version is stable and all bugs has been fixed.”

    A very bold claim, I hope you can deliver.

    And by “all bugs” I hope you mean the glitchy UI and the invisible user problems, primarily.

  4. “should be released during the next week”
    And two weeks on… nothing. Don’t make claims if you cannot deliver

    • Hi,

      All GigaTribe team are really sorry about this delay.
      We have experienced some problems and we haven’t been able to release in time our new version.
      However our engineers are making their best and working as fast as possible to release this version very soon.

      You can test a preview version at this address:
      GigaTribe Preview

      I would like to remind you dear users that this is still a preview version so
      -Invitations are not compatible with older versions
      -Some bugs may remains

      All your opinions and comments are very welcomed at

      Kind Regards

  5. there still no “downloaded files and no option getting back the main menu from a subfolder the large icon view still to small, hard to make differernce the small and the large icon view! would you guys do something about it! the new relase looks nice, but not detailed as the previous one was! you guys got lot to work on this yet

  6. correcting:

    the “downloads”, and the “parent folder” missing, and in the my shared folders menu, i can’t see with whom what i share! means like in the old version were, here can’t see to what group what i’m sharing! Would be good if the main smiley’s can be deleted as well!

  7. Tried to log in to gigtribe today using gigatribe 3.2.002 got a error “you need the latests version 3.2.003” I can not find any such version on your website. Were do I get it?

  8. Update.. I was wrong I have the right version 3.2.003 when I log in all I get is a message “you need to update to the new version” I guess the preview version is no longer good?

  9. when i go to connect it says you cannot be connected via internet and cannot use easyconnect how can i fix this??? someone help me

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