GigaTribe development status

GigaTribe 3.2 will be released in September. This new major version introduces a bunch of new features.

Here is a list of the new features to come with GigaTribe 3.2:
– introduction of a new major feature,“Tribes” (we all are pretty excited about Tribes but we will speak about it later, with another post)
multiple chat is back!
– no more tab navigation
– discussions are now on separated windows

The 1st screenshot (at the end of this post) shows you a quick look of those improvements. This screenshot is based on an alpha version we are currently using internally.

Concerning Mac and Linux developments.
There will not be any Mac or Linux version as long as the Windows version is not satisfying.
We are hoping GigaTribe 3.2 will satisfy all our users. Then, if so, we will work on those 2 platforms.

Don’t forget that there is a preview version for Mac (screenshot 2) and that GigaTribe is working via Wine for Linux users (screenshot 3).

16 thoughts on “GigaTribe development status

  1. Still looks like its using the custom GUI. That’s -1 from me. (I do understand this is an alpha build however)

  2. Hi, can you provide a link to the icon file (.icns) for the mac app please?
    I hope new mac version will arrive soon 😀

  3. WOW, really no development for Mac, or Linux till after windows is 100%, I’ve never heard of any software which was able to satisfy all customers 100%.

    Maybe you should take a pole and ask whats fair to the your PAYING customers.

  4. Since I can’t reply to my initial post, I post this.

    Its a sad case of affairs when you completely dismiss peoples concerns of the custom GUI. They never work and are only used by people who think eye candy is a great thing.

    Its a pity when good software is destroyed for the sake of so-called prettiness.

    I think I’ll take leave of Gigatribe if this is going the attitude you and the developers have.

  5. Thank you for finally letting us know what is in development for GigaTribe.
    A little info can restore consumer confidence! I do wonder from reading this blog and past blogs if you are missing some of the real points of concern users have ? I have around 650 contacts at present and plenty others from the past. From my experience the main issues I here that are a concern from users are:
    1. Compatibility, Some guys just prefer giga version 2.52 while others love version 3.1 Some like easy connection some like direct connection. It would be wise to keep that in mind, as your fix for easy connection to direct connection has also not made users happy. For easy connected users they view oping all there ports to Gigatribe as a security risk. For the issue of Version 2 to version 3 Its still hit or miss at times. it would be good to make sure they play nice together.
    2. Another concern among many users is the way giga version 3 is still crashing when adding and removing user or even moving them to another group even in build 3.01.006 it might seem like not a big deal but when you manage a lot of contacts it is a pain. (Another issue some complain about is in version 3 when other version 3 users message them giga crash’s.. I cannot say I have noticed this issue but I have herd many complain about it).
    3. Better security, user would like to see. This is in to regards to two areas. One is they would like chat (and photo sharing over chat) to also be encrypted. The second and one I strongly support is logging in, Why dose giga send users log in passwords in plain text to there server? kinda risky…
    I do also agrey with the above comment Barry made, custom GUI is a
    bad move, I took it upon myself to ask my uses what they loved about giga that made them want to use it over other programs? And almost everyone said its simplicity and un bolted software in version 2 made them giga users. I did not here one person say anything about eye candy.. I also asked what feature do you want too see added to giga? top 3 were,
    1. The ability to control download speeds to each user. Its a pain when you open 16 slots and one users gets 90% of your upload speed while others suffer slow speeds. So controlling speed to each user would be a benefit.
    2. Web cam Chat. (Not my personal choice but people did say they would love to see that added)
    3. Better Download folder control. (also not my personal choice but one others would love to see) What they mean by that is the ability when downloading a file being able to select were each download go’s for example Music to a music folder software to a software folder ect… to me that seems to be unneeded feature, but in fairness it was a popular response to the poll.
    I personally like the new chat in giga 3.1 and excited to see chat in version 3.2 I think for the most part version 3.1 was good However stability and compatibility became a issue. (also custom GUI was not a good move) I think you should ask your users in a poll if they want custom GUI or not to close the door on it is a bad idea. Do a poll see what your customers want! Thank you for bringing us giga and all your work 🙂

  6. Please rethink your MAC position.

    My impression is, that you have a lot more Mac users as Users (ultimate -paying users) as you may think.

    And for me the pre-release does the job in principle – however … you know yourself what is missing.
    But the kernel is ok- just needs a bit of polishing.

    Hope you dedicate a few hours to the Mac Users.

  7. I would like to see the ability to change how GT displays file size so that I can browse a user and see the size displayed in actual bytes. Why? I use a file catalog program that allows be to search my files by the size so having this would allow me to tell if I potentially have a file or not.

  8. When will giga 3.2 be out? Your blog said September but now its past I ask because I got 30days of ultimate to try 3.2 out no it looks like I payed for nothing 😦

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