About the invisible users problems

From many weeks some users are complaining about an issue concerning invisible users.

Most of the time the issue is caused by their firewall which is blocking output ports.

You know you have this problem if those 3 conditions meet:

  • You are connected using EasyConnect
  • Only users using Direct Connection are invisible for you while connected
  • You can share chat messages with those users but those messages are handled as offline messages

To fix this problem, you need to:

  • Setup properly your firewall to accept output connexions
  • Ask your contacts to connect using EasyConnect or to use a port not blocked by your firewall (port 80 for example)

We are working on this issue to provide a clean solution.

4 thoughts on “About the invisible users problems

  1. This problem is not only with users using easy connect. I have the problem quite frequently and my firewall is opened up and I have never used easy connect. After a few weeks they usually show up but stay gone for a while.

  2. my softwere keeps loosing connection and then connecting only to loose connection again how do I fix that or what is causing it???

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