[update 30/08] Server maintenance

We are currently moving our servers to new servers. The migration takes more time than we thought it should take and it is possible that gigatribe.com links back to an empty page.

Unfortunately this issue concerns purchases as well. Payments done today are registered, but Ultimate suscriptions are not activated for now. Do not worry! As soon as the migration is finished on the server side, we will activate all registered purchases.

All our apologies for any inconveniences. We will keep you updated via this post.

[update 23/08] Server maintenance continues. Website and payments are now fully accessible. Hotline via email is not available and will be back as soon as our email server will be operational.

[update 30/08] All is back to normal. Contact our hotline (contact@gigatribe.com) if you encountered problems.

4 thoughts on “[update 30/08] Server maintenance

  1. Since you started the maintenance I can’t connect to gigatribe. Is there anything I have to do to be able to connect again?

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