Recruits friends to earn GigaPoints

GigaPoints are officially launched!

What are GigaPoints?

Starting today, the more you tell about GigaTribe, the more points you earn. GigaPoints allows you to buy new items on our virtual store, the GigaStore!

Moreover, each GigaPoint grants you a specific Title. Titles help you evaluate other users experience.

Find now how to earn GigaPoints on your Private space.

So! What is your title? Disciple? Master? Guru?…

Click here to access your Private Space and find out what is your Title

6 thoughts on “Recruits friends to earn GigaPoints

  1. OK now that your done with the whole privacy issue Can you please fix the issue of users that are online not showing up? its the same even if both users are using gigatribe 3.01.005. Mostly with easy connection users! Also no change with you new server in the USA I am in the USA and another user of mine is in the USA and my gigatribe shows him offline even though he is online! Thanks

  2. Have tried 4 times to contact some one by mail, didn’t got any answer on my question how i get the ultimate license in Holland.
    Can some one please tel me how i do this

    Greetings marlies

  3. Feels like development has kinda ground to a halt. The fact that you’ve not rushed out a release with a fix for the invisible user issue leads me to believe that you don’t know why it is happening and therefore don’t know how to fix it. You’ve hardly even acknowledged that the problem is happening despite many people mentioning it in blog comments. If you’re working on a next build with other things in it (like the stuff mentioned in the back to basics blog post) I’m sure a lot of users would appreciate a quick interim build to fix this issue. And yes, users that it is happening for are all using 3.01.005. I would roll back to 2.5x if I thought it would work (and if I could) but unless I can pursuade all my contacts to do the same it seems quite pointless.

    Meanwhile you push “GigaPoints” out which, whilst the underlying issues are still occurring with the product itself, perhaps isn’t the best use of your time and energy?

    What it boils down to is that I have paid to use this software and it’s not functioning properly.

  4. I share around 340,000 files from my ext. HD

    And when i start up Gigatribe it takes a LONG !! time before Gigatribe is completely in working condition .

    Is there any way to speed up this boot up process ???

    Also my OS is win 7 home premium 64 bit and i am now getting more and more crashes with your newest version of Gigatribe .

    WHY !! ?????????????????

    You really need to work on your software and improve it so it is 100% Reliable ..

    I really hate having to Re-boot Gigaatribe too many times every day ..

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