Back to Basics

Dear Tribers,

We have heard your requests/complaints about the direction we have taken in GigaTribe:
We have tried to make it more social and more opened but it has been considered as a threat from many of you.

We have decided to make a step back.

Here are the forthcoming evolutions:
– The report user feature will be removed – effective in next version.
– The people page will not be displayed in full unless you explicitly want to – effective in next version.
– The facebook application will only display your profile to your facebook friends – already effective.
– Your email is no longer required for creating a username (even if we encourage you to enter it) – already effective.
– The users list in the software news page will be moved to another place, outside of the software – effective in september.

22 thoughts on “Back to Basics

  1. Excellent.

    Now if only we can get the removal of the custom GUI. Call it a pet peeve, but I prefer a program to fit into its host OS look. Gigatribe does not, like iTunes, the only other windows software I know off that also will not conform to windows look.

    Remove it please (it slows the program responsiveness down, particularly if its being remotely viewed as mine is).

    Can’t think of anything else atm other then that.

    • I agree with Barry. And please make it stable as much as possible cause mine is crashing a lot of time (win2k3) and it’s freezing many times viewing remotly.

  2. Yeah the custom UI is annoying (but quite attractive). Seems if the program is minimised to the taskbar in XP SP3 and I click to restore it, it just moves the taskbar entry to the right of all other open programs and doesn’t actually restore it until I click it again.

    Also I HATE programs covering up the taskbar when they are maximised unless I explicitly tell them to do so (full screen web browsing for instance) although I haven’t noticed this problem for a while so apologies if it has been changed (it never seemed to happen all the time anyway).

    And still having “invisible user” issues.

    • The taskbar has been fixed for a while now. Please make sure to use the last version of the software, GigaTribe 3.01.005.
      We don’t have any problem with our UI.
      The invisible user issue is fixed as well, but you need to make sure that all your contacts are using GigaTribe 3.01.005.

      • @Arnaud,

        Have you ever viewed Gigatribe over a remote session? I quite often find it very unresponsive for a while when I first open the session (exact time before gt becomes responsive varies – anywhere from seconds to minutes).

        This never issue never occurred prior to 3.x, and I can only assume, via past experience, that the custom GUI is at fault (slowness also occurs if I use other programs that have a custom GUI).

        I don’t care for a fancy GUI, just a functional one, which (IMHO) the 2.x series had. If the program returned to a normal GUI and added a true web-based interface it would be (near) perfect (look at uTorrent as an example, functional interface + a web interface that mimics the look of the program)

      • We use GigaTribe over windows remote desktop and didn’t notice any problem. I will talk about this point with our development team.

      • @Arnaud, I’m also having the taskbar issue and am using the suggested version of the software (3.01.005). Running under Win XP Pro SP3.

      • @Arnaud, I need help, any advice? ANY !?????????????? My prob is when I log in on my pc, it runs runs and then crashes. I am running new pc w/ windows 7 umm I have the lates ver of giga. I have uploaded and reinstalled it 3 times. (YES HAD to reup files as well cuzz they was there but dead after reinstalling. I was told to run a scanner/cleaner as well as defrag, so miicrosoft cam in to my pc beings it is new and I bought and had them in stall a hight tec cleaner and dfrag system. What it does like I say is runs and runs then crashes. When I do get on after 30 min of running IT MAY load or not, when I accept people it will frezz for like 5 min then come back on. o I belive on my pc I have the 3.01.006 ver, the lates

      • @Barry,

        As an update to above problem. I had it over the taskbar when I started GT, however as soon as I resized and then maximized its window again, the problem disappeared.

      • @Barry,

        I correct this, program is still randomly covering the taskbar.

        And once again, all my content is appearing new again after my network dropped out, how hard is to fix this problem?

      • @Barry,

        Concerning the taskbar problem, we have already corrected this issue some months ago. Whihc version of GigaTribe are you using? Is it possible to send us a screenshot at (subject: for Arnaud).

        About the second issue, I will discuss about it with our development team.

      • @Barry,

        Latest, 3.01.006.
        OS: Windows Server 2003 SP2
        (Note: Same core as XP)

        I’ll send a screenshot (minus personal details of course), don’t know what you hope to see from it but 🙂 )

        Note: When I made that initial reply, I was running .005, I’ve since upgraded to .006, it appeared to be fine, but the problem still occurs however.

      • I just received your screenshot, thanks.
        I see their is a black frame around your image. This is weird, like if you were using GigaTribe with wine. This is an issue caused by your computer which can be the cause of taskbar covering.
        Usually, when people have graphic issues with GigaTribe (rarely), we advise them to desactivate/reactivate cleartype (control panel > display > property > appearance > effect). Does it work for you?

  3. Just some help that has helped me With the inadvisability issue. I ran two copy’s of giga 3.01.005 on two computers first from same network then from 2 different networks and locations. In both cases around 85% while using easy connection in the USA I appeared offline even though both were online. I then tried direct connection on one and easy on the other with pretty much same results (Keeping in mind both accounts were running giga 3.01.005 with no other contacts). I then tested direct connection on both accounts and had better luck but still was not 100%. So in spirit of your blog “Back to basics” I tested giga 2.52 on both accounts and was 100% on both easy and direct connection. So indeed back to basics it is and now on my main account I use giga 2.52 and am better connected to my contacts. I like giga 3.01.005 and all the new features. However when it comes down to connecting with my contacts it scores low. On a side note with both giga 3.01.005 and giga 2.52 while running in easy connection I have noticed in the past few weeks a high rate of it losing connection to easy connection servers. Once again I am in the USA and I believe that you just put in new servers her in the USA, So could this be why the inadvisability issue is still here in the USA? Hoping for a working giga Version 3!! Thanks

    • @Williamsson, Update to above:
      I was using giga 3.01.006 not 3.01.005 in the above test I also like to report that giga 3.01.006 is crashing when you remove contacts. Another odd thing when I installed 3.01.006 the report a user feature was replaced with a link to then I noticed a few days latter its back as report a user link.. not that it matters to me but thought it was worth reporting.


        Thanks for your post, we’ll contact you by email to investigate on the ‘user offline’ issue.
        Regarding version 3.01.006, it’s the same software as 3.01.005, we’ve only replaced the ‘report user link by a ‘’ link.


  4. The latest releases of Gigatribe takes forever to load and once loaded seems to immediately crash. Even if it does load, any interaction with the programme causes it to become unstable and stop working. I don’t know what you guys have done but you certainly have changed this into the worst programme I have ever bought

  5. are all of the servers down? I’ve tried to connect several times and keep getting told they are, whats going on?

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