EasyConnect servers in US

We just activated new EasyConnect servers in US. Now, all our american users will benefits of a better, faster and stronger connection using our EasyConnect service. Until today, all EasyConnect servers were based in France.

We remind you that the EasyConnect allows people to connect to GigaTribe from anywhere and with no router configuration. This service is part of the GigaTribe Ultimate license available at $29.95 a year or $4.99 a month. For Premium Life users, you can subscribe to the EasyConnect service at a special price.

For more information about the EasyConnect service click here.

To subscribe to GigaTribe Ultimate click here.

13 thoughts on “EasyConnect servers in US

    • @Williamsson,

      When you subscribe to 1 year Ultimate, you will be asked for your username.
      Then the price will change from $29.95 to $17.95.

  1. I just bought the ultimate version and invited a friend who accepted but the connection on my end keeps going off and then on not staying on. It even says I am not connected but the logo on my desk top says I am connected????

  2. Is this new introduction why I cannot now connect? even though my subscription on premium user is valid until August 2010? Been a member since 2007 so not impressed

    • GigaTribe will only detects external drives that have been connected before running the software.
      Just disconnect and reconnect and your external drive will show up.

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