[updated] GigaTribe 3.01.005 (final) available

We just released GigaTribe 3.01.005 final.

GiagTribe 3.01.005 fixes a lot of crash issues and allows quick jackets previews for cbr and cbz comics files.
Moreover, we added a new feature to report user who share illicites contents via GigaTribe (What should I do if I find someone sharing illegal content on GigaTribe?).

Some users warned us about a crash when deleting a user from the contact list. We will correct this issue. Thanks you all for your feedbacks, it will be fixed by next week.

GigaTribe 3.01.005 is still available here.

18 thoughts on “[updated] GigaTribe 3.01.005 (final) available

  1. @Artair,

    Now we are fixing crashs and bug issues.
    Next we will implement a new feature for GigaTribe 3.2. This feature will be called “Tribes”.
    Then we will update GigaTribe for Mac.

  2. I’m getting more crash issues in this release than any of the previous ones. It always happens when I remove a contact from my list.

  3. Lots of invisible user issues… I will not see a certain user for 2 days then I quit and reconnect and see that I have “offline” messages from him. This isn’t new to 3.01.005 I dont think.

  4. In this version I have noticed that upload speed is going to one user at a time, It shows other users are also uploading but at 0 Kb/sec I saw it posted before and I will post it again It sure would be nice to control upload speed among users instead of one user getting it all!! I think that’s a lot better for your new version then tribes at this time. User’s blog more about wanting better upload control then Tribes… I will say you guys are doing a good job but you’re not ready for a new version when you have so much to fix on this one.. The buzz word of the new Giga Vs 3 so far is Looks good Works bad even guys are calling it GigaVista . I like the direction giga is heading myself, but I also think it needs to be more stable.

  5. Also Still having issues of users that are on line showing up as off line even with this new version 😦

  6. Usuaris problems with i know they are connected and I can not see them online in giga. but if I log out,and when i reconnect, I have message from them, between connections, that goes with it

  7. Why no reply on the invisible users? Is this beyond your skills to remedy? If so how is it you purpose to build a new version with new features. New features are nice but what is the point to them if half may users are showing up “invisible” even though there online? Great design poor execution!

    • @Arnaud,
      Well I was hoping for a fix were users that use giga 2.52 could see me and I could see them on line. Not everyone has a newer computer and the memory need to run giga version 3!

  8. I’m having the same issues, where all contacts are using 3.01.005, we all show as unavailable to each other, but the chat function works! Help!

    • @Sunchilde,

      Yeah, You are not alone! All my contacts have 3.01.005 and still the invisible user issue has not been fixed.

  9. when fix the problems in 3.01.005 when add the multi chat and why never answeer me

    why some times i can not see some user in my list i know he and she is conected thank msn mesenger but he or she don not see me and i don not see them
    what happend…..

  10. Hello, I think the invisible user go’s beyond giga version 3. I am running 2 computers and 2 giga accounts both using giga 2.52. And I show as offline to myself as well as other contacts. It looks to me its more with the contacts I have that are using easy connection but not always. My direct connected account shows I am online in the members profile pages but my easy connection dose not at time. Could this problem reside on the server is that why the software fix in version 3.01.005 failed to work? Before you say it yes I did upgrade both accounts to the 3.01.005 and have contacts do the same the frequency of this error seemed to be the same even from users both using giga 3.01.005

  11. I am having trouble when sharing folders with this new version. The programa is unable to read subfolders and their contet. Contet on folders are shared with no problems. I am was organizing my files on folders and their subfolders, but know i dont lnow what to do…

  12. @Victor,

    Make sure you did check ‘enable recursive sharing’, in the General Tab of the shared folder properties.

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