3.01.005 beta available now

This new version allows native preview of comics jackets and fix a crash issue related to invite acceptations

We are waiting for the first users feedbacks to announce GigaTribe 3.01.005 as the new official stable release.

Download GigaTribe 3.01.005 beta

6 thoughts on “3.01.005 beta available now

  1. Seems still to be a issue when the internet connection shuts down suddenly. Gigatribe stays ‘connected’, but you need to disconnect gigatribe and connect again because others can’t download or see you :s

    No problems with the invite acceptations here.

  2. Problems with connection wont connect via internet or easy connect cant seem to find anyone or anything to help

  3. I know there is a known issue with the latest release with Gigatribe crashing when you delete a user. When can we expect a fix for this bug? It’s getting quite annoying since it crashes EVERY time I delete a user. It sucks going through all of my requests and having Gigatribe crash everytime I delete one. Also, may we see any changes in startup with Gigatribe reading shared folders? I’ve got quite a bit shared and it litterally takes 5minutes for Gigatribe to fully launch. I’ve had to stop deleting people because I can’t continually wait 5minutes for Gigatribe to load after every person I delete.

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