GigaTribe 3.01.003 beta

A new beta version is available today.

List of improvements provided by GigaTribe 3.01.003:
– fix crash issues (Windows 7, users invitations, share/unshare new folders)
– report illegal contents
– user actions improved
– global software performances enhancements

Feel free to post your comment about GigaTribe 3.01.003. If you encounter crash issue with this version, please send us the eventlog created by Windows (eventlog access tutorial).

Download GigaTribe 3.01.003 beta

User invitation related crash has been located. We will fix this issue with a new beta version to be released on monday.

8 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.01.003 beta

  1. The feature to report illegal contents is a bit ridiculous. What may be illegal in one country isn’t necessarily illegal in another and copyright laws can be different. It has a big potential to be abused as well if you have disgruntled contacts.

    I was hoping that you were working on other more important features before deciding to feed the Gestapo of the net neutrality movement.

    It’s even stated in the agreement that you don’t analyze or acknowledge the content being shared, so by putting this feature into GigaTribe you completely change these statements. False reports means more work for you guys, and even legitimate ones can stir the pot in the wrong direction.

    “7.3 No Control.
    You acknowledge and understand that GigaTribe does not analyze or have any knowledge concerning the content exchanged with GigaTribe software. Shared content is the entire responsibility of the person from whom such content originated. You may therefore be exposed to content that is offensive, indecent or otherwise objectionable. GigaTribe will not be liable for any type of content that is exchanged by means of the GigaTribe software.

    7.4 Lawful purposes.
    You acknowledge and agree to use the GigaTribe software solely for lawful purposes. In this respect, you may not:
    (a) download, or provide access to, any content protected by copyright laws, (b) exchange illegal content (racist or pedophilic materials, for example). Any account that violates these rules will be terminated.”

    As an Ultimate subscriber, if features like this keep popping up I’ll be terminating my subscriptions. One of the reasons I use GigaTribe to share documents is for its transparency, not for someone behind the computer screen telling me what may or may not be illegal.

    • @WrongDirection

      The purpose of this function is to report illicite contents such as pedophilia; not to report copyright protected contents.
      GigaTribe do support net neutrality, but fight against wrong uses of the software.

  2. I have been a loyal user (with paid ultimate version) for over a year, but I find the recent addition of the “report illegal content…” option makes me uneasy.

    Although I do find the amount of pedophilia on Gigatribe alarming, I would like this process to be a little more transparent. Maybe a FAQ addition is in order?

    Which laws and in whose jurisdiction does the Gigatribe corporation check against to see if the content is actually illegal?

    If illegal content is indeed found, who, if anyone, do you report this to?

    how does this effect our (the users of Gigatribe) privacy? One of the main tenets of Gigatribe is are supposed confidentiality. Only people we want to see our files are allowed. Is Gigatribe going to go in and, against our wishes, download them to check?

    This new function can be a blessing to all of us who want to use your product in peace, but only if it is done right.

    I firmly believe that by answering these questions, a lot of fears will be put to rest.

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