GigaTribe 3.01.002 beta is available

We just released a new version of GigaTribe.

Here is the list of the major enhancements provided by GigaTribe 3.01.002 bêta:
– email notifications improvements
– fix multiple crash issues
– fix disconnections problems
– fix invisible users problems
– fix multiple bugs related to the chat feature
– user creation is now online
– portuguese support

Feel free to post a comment about this new version.

You can download GigaTribe 3.01.002 beta now by clicking this link.

Please note: By installing this new version, all your chat images shortcuts will be lost.

14 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.01.002 beta is available

  1. Here on the blog does not say that this beta version supports Portuguese. I say this to my contacts?

    • William T. Stephens

      Drag and drop with chat seems to be working fine with GigaTribe 3.01.002.
      I’ll talk to our technical team about this point.

      • @Arnaud, as I also reported I had the same issue as william T Stephens “drag and drop function” with Beta 3.01.002. I run Windows 7 64bit. I found if I turn UAC “User Account Control” off in Windows control panel I can now Drag and Drop to the Chat screen with Beta 3.01.002.. Not sure why but there you go.

  2. In your new fix you can still add emotes. However when I try to fix a key sequence to them it reverts back to default sequence. Such as “seq001” and so forth. It would be nice if you can fix this or bring back from GigaTribe 3.01.001 the format for emotes used there other then that I see no other bugs. Running GigaTribe on a Windows 7 64bit computer. On average 8 hours a day 7 day a week.

  3. Would be nice also to see if a fix is found for William T Stephens issue: “The Beta causes a loss of the “drag and drop” function in the “Chat” tab.”
    After reading his comment I tried to drag and drop to chat and was also not able too. I did revert back to Gigatribe build 3.01.001 to check Drag and Drop and it worked fine for me on that build. If you want me to provide more info on my system I will. Keep up the good work!

  4. Problem solved, As with both issues (Not being able to drag and Drop) and (Changing Key sequence to emotes) the issue (for me anyway) was a windows 7 issue. I had UAC (user account control) on. With it on it will run programs without admin privileges and block any changes I try to make to that program. With it turned of (or by right clicking on Gigatribe Icon and selecting “run with admin privileges” I am now able to do both (drag and drop) and (fix key sequence to emotes) with Gigatribe 3.01.002. Also note Vista uses UAC setting too.

  5. I also think a feature to manage bandwidth for specific groups would be very useful. Sometimes I have a group of contacts that have priority over others, but I don’t have a way to manage the bandwidth between the two groups.

  6. Not sure but I keep seeing some contacts go offline and online rapidly. Never saw that with the previous un-beta version.

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