GigaTribe 3.1 official available

The official version of GigaTribe 3.1 (3.01.001) is available for all, directly from our download page on our website.

Major improvements that have been made from last week:
– fix crash issues
– fix a bug linked to the note feature
– system files are not shared anymore

To download GigaTribe 3.1 (3.00.001); rendez-vous on our download page!

20 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.1 official available

  1. I have subscribed to gigatribe but every time I try to connect I get message saying the system is not responding – then it says it failed to connect.
    What is happening? I have home premium vista

  2. Since I downloaded version 3.01.001 I keep getting knocked out of gigatribe. I am getting a bit frustrated because of my sharefiles it takes me a good half hour to get back in. I use the ultimate, but it acts like I am using the freebie version. I can not do more than one thing at a time, or it kicks me out. I moved my files from my desktop (XP) to my laptop (Vista) and it does the same thing. Got any suggestions? Thanks so much! Can’t live without it! Love Gigatribe!

  3. Eu conheci o GigaTribe e me tornei um entusiasta do programa. Recomendo! Vale a pena ativar a versão Ultimate. Quando sair a versão em português, tenho certeza que o Brasil tambem vai dizer “SIM” para o partilhamento seguro e eficaz do GigaTribe.

  4. leaving gigatribe a while ago for personal reasons now I am trying to get back on but I can’t seem to use my username and password what is the trouble here any one know?

  5. Has anyone else had a problem with uploading from disk or flash drive ? Since I updated to Ultimate I get “cannot share root folder” error message which means I cannot share any files now from external drives or disks/dongles. Very annoying because in the free version I had no problem.

    • Since version 3, we don’t allow complete drive sharing, no matter if you’re using the free or Ultimate license.
      This decision has been taken to follow the Federal Trade Commission requirement, to avoid ‘inadvertent file sharing’.
      “Any attempt to share a complete drive (e.g., the “C” or “D” drive, a network drive, or external drive) or a user-specific system folder (e.g., a
      “Documents and Settings” folder in Windows) must be prevented.”

      • @admin, OK – so what you are saying is the whole ease of use of gigatribe has been sacrificed ?? What a great decision (NOT) How do I share individual files held in documents folders or on drives or disks if the system prevents me accessing the contents because it is considered a root folder ??

      • @slaphead, Forget previous reply – problem is sorted now – however – why do rules from US and UK admins always legislate in favour of dummies ? Anyone with any sense would not share personal information anyway !

  6. 6/19/2011 can’t get on gigatribe, must have to renew. never got e-mail to reup. tried, got to payment method picked one & nothin happend tried 2 times hope i dont get dubble billed. have been member for 2 years let me know wats up i need it for wedding soon!

    • @mark

      Can you write us at to check if your Ultimate license has been activated. Do not forget to send us your username (and eventually any payment references you could have).
      I can’t find any account associate to your current email address. This is very likely why you didn’t receive any email from us before your license was terminated.

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