26 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.00.026 (beta) is available

  1. This is great! Is there a way to prioritise the order of downloads? Other than that, I love this. Better than Alliance.

  2. Bug FIXES?? Now giga crashes even more then before… It’s very very unstable now… I won’t recommand you install this version..

    Guys from giga, come on.. do some real fixes…

  3. Gigatribe (newest version) minimizes to tray and later cannot be restored in Windows 7 – also would like it to be able to pin to taskbar and operate properly without freezing.. Thanks!

  4. the only problem I have with this version is if I delete a contact, giga disconnects and I have to reconnect – like the bubble showing a message is there though, before I would only find them by accident unless I happened to be on the computer when a private message came in.

  5. Would you please please please implement a


    Feature? That would help a lot.

    Thank you

  6. Gigatribe slows down my internet to crawling speed – also sharing is extremely slow, especially if there is upload and download at the same time. The program is good for my work, but now I cannot use it. Why does it slow down everything? I use easyconnect. Is that the reason? I have installed every version you recommend, with same result.

  7. My friend use GIGA and also a VPN (Secure Tunnel) together. His downloadspeed is perfect, but when I start a upload and he download at the same time our speed is falling down, we have not more then 3-8 , before 60-80. What is the problem??

  8. Okay, now my Gigatribe is not talking to anyone, showing me as unavailable and not detecting anyone else who I know is online. Help!

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