GigaTribe 3.00.021 is available

We just released GigaTribe 3.00.021.

As usual, this new version fix multiple bugs. 2 important changes have to be noted:

– We do not use DivX web player anymore. We prefered VideoLAN (alias VLC), the french well-known media player.

– We added a “Users” tab allowing you to have a quickview of the last connection date for all your contacts. We added multiple selection as well for a better contact management.

We hope you will like this new version of GigaTribe. Do not hesitate to post your feedbacks on this blog.

GigaTribe 3.00.021 is available on our download page.

4 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.00.021 is available

  1. Thanks for your efforts to continually improve Gigatribe. two more things need fixing:
    1) I often scroll down a list of someones folders, then double click one to view. Then when I want to come back up to the parent directory Gigatribe shoots me back to the top of the folder list. I’d like to resume at the same place in the list I left off.
    2) when I come on line, often theres a message waiting. I click message waiting and it takes me to a persons chat box. But what if there were multiple messages waiting? Messages need a single home where you can view all messages you got while away.

  2. As much as I love GigaTribe, I’ve noticed one thing keeps happening… the program continues to shut itself down on my computer. I don’t know if it’s a ram issue (which it seems to eat up a lot of as well), or what’s going on.

  3. gigatribe is great buy why do i get some files getting aborted and read error message while i am sharing with my friends

  4. Another thing is happening on my gigatribe, when I try and find members, I can only see and pull up the first 50 members I am looking for.
    any suggestions?

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