A new version of GigaTribe is available (3.00.020)

GigaTribe 3.00.020 is available to download.
This new version fixes multiple bugs, brings improvements and new features.

Here the list of the major enhancements provided by GigaTribe 3.00.020:
– Fix connection bug when GigaTribe is set to launch at start
– v2/v3 compatibility enhancements
– Queued transfers are better managed
– Maximizing GigaTribe windows does not cover Windows taskbar anymore
– User interface improvements
– Quick access to the search function
– Email notifications for invitation and acceptation

You can download GigaTribe 3.00.020 for free on our download page here.

Please post your comments!

seng neng

8 thoughts on “A new version of GigaTribe is available (3.00.020)

  1. I tried downloading GigaTribe 3 three times but I always had problems with it. I love Gigatribe but I don’t like how they don’t have a support site to contact when you have a problem.

  2. in the new version

    upnp is very bad sometimes it is here and sometime away

    i am sure that i dont have any problems with mine network

  3. In the older version, I used to be able to talk to several people at the same time. With this new version, I cannot. Am I missing something? I tried creating a group and that doesn’t work… I still can only chat with one at a time and and only the person I am chatting with can see what I am saying. If I have more than one person on here at a time, it is really distracting to have to constantly click on different people and repeat myself over and over cause they didn’t see what I typed. I do not want to talk to them via public… that is not how we were able to do it before and while I am on that subject…. I cannot download the older version anymore, is that because I have Windows 7???

  4. I have newest version of giga and will not run with external going which has all my shares. Very frustrating and know others have same problems. Why isn’t giga won’t work with shares on external and just freezes up.

  5. Im running the new ver of Gigatribe with Win7 Enterprise but it keeps crashing and logging off after being on for a little while. What can I do to solve the problem?

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