GigaTribe 3 public preview for Mac is available

GigaTribe 3 for Mac (build 3.00.020) is available to download as a public preview!

By installing GigaTribe 3 preview, please be aware that there are some bugs, and that the user interface is not Mac-friendly yet. Future improvements will be made when we start the beta-test.

GigaTribe for Mac was announced months ago. It has been long awaited by our user community; we hope you will like it.

GigaTribe 3 preview is built for Mac Intel only. Mac OS 10.4 or later is required.
GigaTribe 3 preview works well on Mac OS 10.6 Snow leopard.

GigaTribe 3 public preview for Mac is available only by clicking here.

It is time to post your comments!


30 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3 public preview for Mac is available


    im so glad we have something, this is the proof all so faithful mac owners were waiting for.

  2. Here are my initial impressions. I will post more bugs/issues as I see them.

    1. Needs an application icon.

    2. Create an alias for the Applications folder on the install image with some graphics directing the user to drag the GIgaTribe icon to the application folder alias. Downoad this software and see how they have done it.

    3. The default size for chat fonts is 8 point. That is way to small to be readable on a Mac. Also, the font menu display the typeface in the actual font instead of the starndard system menu typeface. So when I go to choose a font, Arial is displayed in the Arial typeface and Helvetica is displayed as Helvetica. This makes the font menu too slow and hard to scroll, especially if you have a large number of typefaces installed.

    That’s all I have for now. I’ll submit more as I get more testing done.



    • @David J. Watt

      Thanks a lot David for your comments.
      As explain on the blog, GigaTribe 3 for Mac is a technology preview version. The main objective is to have a working Mac version.
      We are aware about all UI and fonts aspects.
      We will update the gigatribe.dmg with the GigaTribe icon soon.

  3. Congratulations!!!

    I hope this big step is soon followed by the smaller one to a Linux version.
    I hope for all MAC users it was worth the wait, and that they all give input to the gigatribe programmers so that bugs can be fixed.

    Ones again, congrats

  4. for some reason when i try and log on it says that “You are not available from the outside and can’t use easyconnect”

    what does this mean? is this a problem with my computer or with gigatribe?

    • @lsm

      It means that you need to buy GigaTribe Ultimate or to setup direct connection. EasyConnect is part of GigaTribe Ultimate and allows you to connect anywhere with GigaTribe with no technical setup to do. GigaTribe Ultimate is $29.99 per year. More info:

      The other possibility is to use “port forwarding” to connect. You will be able to connect with GigaTribe for free but not from everywhere, just from the router you setup. You can find full explanation on our website to setup direct connection:

  5. Thanks a lot !
    I waited for that, I couldn’t share my photos with my family since I was under my Mac.
    I’m happy, but I’m not alone 😉
    That’s a little step for a man,…

    Lillte bug ? I can limit the speed for download, but it seems it doesn’t work… I’m a Premium user, bug ?

  6. Have been using the Mac Preview for the past week or two, and have found this to be very exciting!!! When is the Beta expected to be released?

  7. Ihave downloaded what I think is the correct gigatribe dmg but still cannot access the Mac area. Have I not done something or have I missed something?

  8. I am having the same problem with giga as Arnaud. The previous answer said to set up direct connect or to use port forwarding. I tried the port forwarding and can not get into my router after my first attempt and the changes i tried then didn’t work. how can i set up direct connect when i can not get into the programme?? I can not afford the ulitmate version and do not have a credit card to do so anyway

  9. hi again,
    I got into the router and made the recommended changes from the website we are pointed to. When i launched gigatribe i got a message about not being able to connect to the server. more importantly i could not access the internet AT ALL. I had to go and remove these changes reboot the router then at least i could get on the internet. It would appear that port forwarding (as recommended) does not work.

    • @Jane

      Direct Connection is automatic if your port forwarding setup is correct. Maybe you didn’t configure your router as it should be.
      I invite you to read our FAQ again. You can contact our hotline as well:
      Best wishes.

  10. hi,

    I followed the (not very clear) instructions and ended up not being able to connect to the internet at all for anything – email, web browsing. I use my laptop which uses Airport to communicate with the router. Additionally I have also ended up with not being able to connect to the internet on my desktop mac for ANYTHING after following the instructions given…. this is really frustrating as i dont use giga on my desktop – it is not an intel mac. All in all a very frustrating experience and i do not have a credit card so can not pay fees. Also I can no longer send emails from entourage from my laptop through the router, i have to connect using my wireless stick and use that to send any emails.

  11. Hi Arnaud,

    That is not the issue, I can not connect to giga at all, and the port forwarding instructions meant that not only can i not connect to giga, but left me with a myriad of problems that are annoying. I still can not connect to giga on my laptop and on my desktop (not my laptop) I can not connect to the internet AT ALL – the desktop does not have giga on it, but uses the same router. From what i can see the port forwarding instructions DO NOT WORK. I am just totally frustrated with the whole situation that i have been left with as a result of trying to follow and implement the (not very clear) port forwarding instructions that giga direct us to use. I can not solve the issues i am left with (even though i deleted the port forwarding stuff)and i can not afford to have a tech out to solve them for me. and I STILL CAN NOT CONNECT TO GIGA. Additionally I can no longer connect to the router through my browser (on either computer) so i apparently can not do anything. I am just so incredibly frustrated by the whole thing. I so looked forward to joining giga and enjoyed the first month but had i understood that i would be left with this mess i would never have ventured into ‘giga world’. So as a summary, I initially followed the instructions for port forwarding as directed to by the giga website. These left me with not being able to connect to the internet to do ANYTHING at all, so i deleted the port forwarding stuff. Then i was left with the situation where on my laptop i can connect to the internet – receive email, browse internet but can not send email, I can not connect to giga. On my desktop i can not connect to the internet for anything at all. I can no longer get to the router through the browser on either computer. This has all come about as a result of following the instructions i was directed to by the giga people – before i had no problem with connecting to the internet on my desktop. This has made life in our home difficult as I homeschool and work from home and with only one computer able to connect to the internet it is impacting on our ability as a family to get work completed.

  12. Was hoping for a PPC version as I’m stuck with a eMac for now runing 10.4.11 on a 1.25ghz PPC processor… bummer.

    • For now, we are working on a new windows version which will includes important new features and correct bugs.
      When GigaTribe will be 100% bug free on PC we will work on a the Mac version.

  13. Help, I have installed the Mac version and it worked but now i cant find it??? There is an icon that says Gigatribe when I hold the mouse over it but it doesn’t take me to the program??? I’m not sure what to do…

  14. Please tell us when you will release beta version for mac .
    and can we use parallels desktop or vmware to launch gigatribe on mac? please answer

  15. Hello,

    Guys, the future beta version for mac will be mac friendly interface?
    Will it be released on MAC APP STORE?

  16. I can neither upload or download from Giga on my Mac, no matter how many times I try. Not music or vids.

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