About GigaTribe for Mac…

We described our roadmap many times (windows > mac > linux) so we are not going to write about this point again. But it’s a question that we have received many times on the blog: “What’s going on with the Mac version?”

GigaTribe 3 for Mac has been under development for several weeks, and the first alpha version is running pretty well. For now on, we need to fix an major bug that is causing multiple crashes.

Here at GigaTribe, we love the Mac, and we are eager to release the first beta before Christmas!
We hope our Mac users feel better now. GigaTribe for Mac is in progress and it is going well… stay tuned – coming soon to a Mac near you!

6 thoughts on “About GigaTribe for Mac…

  1. Thank you for your comment. I suppose us mac users are anxious because we have been told deadline after deadline from gigatribe only for the deadline to come and go with no mention. Whenever giga has said “In April” or some other date, mac users have made a note and then visited the site again, finding no mention of the mac version. Many of us have signed up to test alpha or beta versions, not hearing a word from giga.

  2. Bad News! Me and my friends can not use your MAC version! We (and a lot of other MAC users) have OS 10.3 and/or PowerPCs (not Intel). Please let more MAC people use your great program, please make it compatible! It’s like making your program only VISTA 64-bit compatible, please don’t limit users!


  3. Well, a Mac version of GigaTribe is a very good surprise!

    There is no longer need to have Boot Camp installed on my Mac Mini to run the software, it’s really amazing.

    Dear Kev, don’t despair. GigaTribe for Mac will be compatible with PowerPCs (Intel and non-Intel) running all MacOS X platforms (including Snow Leopard) in both 32 and 64bit versions.

    It’s only a preview version, that’s why the program is not fully compatible with your Mac yet.

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