GigaTribe 3.19 is now available

GigaTribe 3.19 is available.

Our users generally loved GigaTribe 3.18 but a few bugs appeared like the log off / log on crash problem. This is primarily why we are delivering this upgrade so quickly.

Some new features are introduced in GigaTribe 3.19 as well:
– Spanish and Italian localizations
– Search for new contacts who speak your language
– Improved folder sharing management (see screenshot)

You can download GigaTribe 3.19 for free on our download page.

Management easily your shared folders

15 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.19 is now available

  1. I’m having connect crashes with v3.18 and would like to try v3.19 to correct this. Do I install v3.19 on top of existing install to preserve the settings and contacts? Or uninstall 3.18 then reinstall 3.19 and start over?

    Thank you,

    Dan D

  2. @Andy

    Usually you do not need to uninstall GigaTribe to update. In your case, I invite you, unfortunately, to uninstall and reinstall GigaTribe 3.19.
    You will need to reconfigure GigaTribe.

  3. I currently use Ulmitate previous version.

    Is the upgrade available ?

    With thanks


    • @Jean-Louis Charrier

      Yes currently have a Premium licence. GigaTribe Ultimate is $29.95 per year.
      As you are a premium user, you can subscribe to GigaTribe Ultimate for only $19.95 per year.
      If you want to upgrade to Ultimate you will be asked for your GigaTribe username, and the price will be automatically recalculated.

  4. I have two requests (well both can be considered a complaint & request)

    Drop the custom GUI, use the standard windows widgets (or whatever they are called). Your current interface is too slow, particularly when controlling it over a remote connection.

    Second: When are you going to switch to using hashes for files, so-far its been an hour since I’ve started the client and its STILL scanning folders, this is a joke. Please move to hashes like E-Mule and the like, so much quicker.

  5. I am having trouble. Gigatribe continually becomes not responding for long periods of time.Any help, please

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