GigaTribe 3.18

We just released GigaTribe 3.18

Here is the list of the major changes:
– multiple bugs fixes
– minor GUI corrections
– folder browsing improvements (faster, better)
– search improvements
– search button added
– connection type is now indicated (direct connection or EasyConnect)

In GigaTribe 3.18 you have the ability to find new tribers and invite them directly from the GigaTribe interface, in your News tab.
If you want your profile to be published and let other tribers invite you, just check “Display my public profile” by editing your profile. Screenshots are coming…

Click here to access our download page!

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11 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.18

  1. I installed Gigatribe 3.18, I have paid up premium, It will not allow me to connect. It says error cannot connect to easy connect. I am on direct connect. Please let me know what I can do. I have no recourse but to go back to Gigatribe 2.52

  2. I paid for the full version, had a hard drive crash over 2 weeks ago, and even after REPEATED emails to gigatribe, I STILL can not get another copy to download. I paid for a full YEAR, not minus loss of time due to being unable to even get the software again… 😦

  3. So where is the mac version? You have told us before that once the official ver3 came out it would be a quick process to make.

  4. I can translate into italian in exchange of a full copy 😀

    italian is my mother-tongue and I can understand what is written in the interface very well. BTW I have cambridge’s PET 😉

  5. I downloaded the newer version of Gigatribe and now I can’t stay connected. I am on Giga for file sharing for preschool stuff and It is rediculous that I can’t stay connected long enough to do anything. Why can’t I stay connected? I never had this problem with the older version of giga.

  6. I tried the new version 3.16 and went back to 2.50. Previous when downloading a file with new items added, tribe only took the new files, now all earlier downloaded items are overwritten, which means my download capacity of 64gb pro month are mostly spend on overwriting files.
    In the old version privat chats from dif. people were always showing. Now I only see a flashlight.
    And last but not least, it was slow, slowed up my pc enormeously.
    I haven’t seen any emprouvement on this themes till now, so I still stay on my 2.50 version which is in my opinion much easier in use till now.I guess I’m not the only one with this remarks, many of my contacts did go back to the older version. Looking forward to emprouvments concerning this items!!

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