News from GigaTribe 3.18

We are working on 3.18, to be released hopefully within the next few days.
As usual, GigaTribe 3.18 will fix multiple bugs. We will add Italian localization as well.

With GigaTribe 3.18, web communities will have the opportunity to create their own custom version of GigaTribe!
For more info about GigaTribe customized versions and to find out how to create yours, click here!

9 thoughts on “News from GigaTribe 3.18

  1. I’ve been using ubuntu now fo a while, and all that time the same message still stays in the FAQ… There is no release date for a Linux version…
    I hope some NEWS on that will come soon…

  2. How do I get the old version of giga back??????? Downloaded the new version and it keeps freezing my computer.I want my old one back, please.

  3. Any news about Mac version ? a few monthes ago i read on the blog that we would have more information after windows version is released. it’s been several weeks since win version is released but no news. Did you give up development for other plateforms ?

  4. Hi, I just dowloaded your newest version 3.18, and I can’t share folders stored on usb key data traveler. why ??

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