GigaTribe 3.17 enhancements

Here is the list of the major bug fixes/enhancements provided by version 3.17

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting video transfers being previewed.
  • You may now select multiple files in the transfers tab.
  • The “Send now” feature is working again.
  • Modifying the transfer options no longer interfere any more with transfers in progress.
  • Fixed a bug with customized emoticons.
  • The transfer option “Do not limit the upload speed when I am away” is working again.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from sending invitations from the ‘people’ pages.
  • Folder shared with write access could receive files but could not receive an entire folder: fixed.
  • EasyConnect fault recovery has been improved.
  • The personal message length has been extended.
  • Main user icons and contact icons now have different colors.
  • When switching to another language, the selected language is now displayed properly.

We are aware some points can still be improved, please keep on sending us your feed back.

GigaTribe team

16 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.17 enhancements

  1. Hello Gigatribe, did you fix the downloading folders problem? When I download folders it does not usually work I have to open the folder and download the files. Big pain.

  2. hi, can you do something about the delaying time to reading shared folers is too much time in giga 2.52 is quickly. and do something about chat, why can not chat with two user at the same time

  3. I keep having a couple problems with the new version of Giga.

    1. When a new version comes out I can no longer connect to giga until I install the new version.

    2. I periodically loose most of my online contacts, they are online but I can only see 4-7 out of the 35-40 currently online contacts.

    3. When I do install a new version I cant get direct connect. My firewall is set up, I have restarted my computer a few times and still nothing.

    I am frustrated with these difficulties.

    • @Zerena

      1. during the beta period, you had to install the last version.
      2. We currently have some problems with the contact list, we are working hard to improve it
      3. Please verify that the port used in GigaTribe 3 has not changed from v2

      If you still have problem, please contact our hotline at

  4. I used to have a lifetime membership with gigatribe. is it still valid… how can I find the name and password. it has been more than a year since i visited

  5. Would like chatter’s names in color. When sharing links that they not run together and become one long link.
    Scrolling of chat irritating–would like to be able to stop and read.

    • @Rbull55

      You can find emoticons on the web or add the photo you want as emoticons.
      You can find emoticons with a simple google image search.

  6. I thougth that giga was free that you had the option to pay or use for free now it says I passed my time do not understand could ytou please explain is it free all the time or only as trial
    looking forward to know how it works thanks a lot anna huijkman

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