8 thoughts on “New GigaTribe version tonight!

  1. I have a lifetime membership, but cannot access. have not been able to access for a while now.

    my id is still there, but password does not work and the e-mail that I used to access before does not exist anymore. although Gigatribe does have my current e-mail address (they sent me news letter)

    how can I access my account. any ideas

    Micheline Villeneuve

  2. why giga3 delay too much to reading the shared files and why can not chat with two users at once like giga 2.52

  3. Giga 3.17 looks great. Chat is totaly messed up. I would take all the chat abillyties from 3.17 and change it with the one in 2.52, and keep everything the same in 3.17. Overall the only problem in 3.17 is the CHAT.

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