GigaTribe 3 RC3 updated

We just released a small update for GigaTribe 3 RC3.

This new version fixes a crash problem while quitting GigaTribe, and 2 bugs concerning password protected folders.

You can download Gigatribe 3 RC3 (build 3.15) here.

2 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3 RC3 updated

  1. I have a few problems.

    1) In Giga 2.52 I could choose which contacts could access which folders so I could develop a tier sharing system.

    2) I wanted to only select 1 folder with a friend yet when I unselected the parent folder and tried to select that one subfolder, all the other subfolders were selected as well.

    • @Michael

      1) You can choose to share a folder with a group. If you want to share a folder with 1 friend, you will need to create a group for this friend.
      Then select your folder and right-click “Modify shared folder” button to restrict access.

      2) To select 1 folder to share with a friend (a group) you just need to “share new folder” and restrict access like explained before. Then exclude this subfolder by modify the main folder.

      Hope it can help.

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